January 28

Operation: Gender Reveal Party

If you know me well, you know that I love parties and party planning! I love working on do it yourself crafts and seeing the details of my vision come together. If I were to do anything else in my life, it would probably be to become a professional party planner. I think I’m secretly […]

November 11

Parenting To Do List

I used to play this song to my eldest daughter when she was in my tummy and soon after she was born. I read somewhere that they can hear in utero and that the same sounds they hear after they are born can be quite calming. I remember those sleepless nights as a new mother […]

October 16


THE END: The original title of this post was WANTED: Respect For Nurses!  I kind of wrote this in reverse and I am actually beginning with the end. When I got to the very end of my post, I realized the topic was something totally different from when I started writing. I felt I needed to […]

September 29


This post is anything but the title. Weighed down? My weight is not down, but it is weighing me down for sure! I have never been the skinny minnie, but I have also never found too much problem with my weight. I think I have always accepted myself and was satisfied with my weight. Did […]

September 24


The kids are back to school and I find myself asking: What now? Most parents love when their kids go back to school, but I am really one of those parents who dread it. Maybe it’s because I really don’t have to worry about who will drop them off or pick them up after school. […]

May 12

Mother’s Day 2014

This year, I decided that I wanted to do Mother’s Day at our place with all the other moms in my family. We went out and ate at a restaurant on most years, but after Easter this year, I just wanted something low key and intimate. Sometimes the hustle and bustle is not worth all […]

March 24

Birchbox: March 2014

I received my March Birchbox the first week of the month, which was a great surprise. It was a little earlier than my two previous boxes. I have been a bit too busy to update and share this month’s good with you guys. I loved 3 out of the 5 products in this month’s box. […]

March 14

Spring Has Sprung Cleaning

Keeping a house clean without kids is hard. Keeping it clean when you have two kids is a big challenge and can be very stressful if you have my personality of wanting everything organized. I wake up everyday chanting “wooo-sah” and telling myself that the mess is OKAY! I DO NOT like clutter, stacks of […]

March 11

You’ve Got Air-Mail!

I saw this picture floating around and it was very thought provoking because I actually remember this time. I am actually old enough to say that I was part of the generation of kids who was old enough to create that very first email account. I had no problems getting my name options of cheesy […]

February 18

Easter Egg Wreath Tutorial

So today, despite more snow, I made my way out to Target to window shop and buy a couple of needed things. Of course “window” shopping at Target is almost always impossible. Anyway, Valentine’s just ended and there was plenty of St. Patrick’s Day goodies and Easter stuff that were already displayed in their own […]

February 13

BIRCHBOX: February 2014

I received my second Birchbox yesterday and I opened the box like I was a kid getting a gift from Santa. I don’t get this excited too often, so pardon the overflowing joy that I am showcasing from a tiny box in my mailbox! Whoever thought of this idea is one smart cookie. I honestly […]

February 09

Inspiration: Things To Do

I am the type of person who needs to make a list in order to remember to actually get things done. My calendar is very organized and if I forget to add a piece of information, it is very highly likely that I will forget that activity for the day. My iPhone’s Reminder App is […]

January 25

What’s In Your Birchbox?

I’ve been wanting to join Birchbox for the last two years, but felt I wasn’t ready to fully put the things into use. I was too busy with the girls being so small and needing mommy to do everything for them. Now, everything is a little bit different and I have been able to afford […]

January 16

Money Challenge 2014

So this picture was being passed around on the world wide web around the New Year. How fitting, right? I thought it was brilliant and so did my husband. It took me awhile to understand all the numbers in the chart! Basically, you deposit in increments of $1 for every week of the year, so […]

January 06

Snowed In

So this new year has literally started out on the wrong foot for me. Jasmyne was really sick starting the day after Christmas. She had a very bad stomach virus, had diarrhea and was vomiting for two days. Surprisingly, Janelle got away with only having a small cold and fevers, but nothing that made her […]

December 10

Counting My Blessings

So today, I came across this article and I was instantly drawn to the story. It wasn’t very hard to search for the blog of this very amazing and sad story. I just simply typed in his name and voila, it took me there. I found myself transfixed with his writing for a good portion […]

August 16

Janelle’s Make-Up Tutorial

So I write in my blog a lot regarding my daily life, but I haven’t posted a public post in a long while. I thought this video of my daughter is a little worthy of some “awww how cute” laughs. Three weeks ago, my four year old Janelle found a video on YouTube of a […]

February 12

My 10th Year Anniversary in Nursing

 I almost can’t believe that I became a nurse 10 years ago. I can still remember how scared I was and how unsure I was of what the road ahead of me was really going to be about. Would I love it? Would I hate it? Did I make the right decision in life? I […]

August 20

What a Difference a Year Makes!

If there was a phrase I could be coined saying almost too often, it would be that time passes by way too fast. I am not much a “celebrate” type of person and if you knew me well, you would know that I don’t understand why people celebrate their birthdays with a big bang! I […]

July 31

What’s In Your Purse?

Women have many different purses that come in many different sizes for all sorts of occasions. I think I sometimes surprise myself because I don’t have a massive collection of purses. I have 3 good bags, of which I really only use ONE on a regular basis. Then I have 3 other “throw around” bags […]

July 25

I Have A Six Year Old…

It is hard to believe that six years ago, I became a mother. I can still remember it so clearly. Everyone was out celebrating my Lola’s birthday except for me, my mom and my husband. We were at the hospital delivering my little baby girl. It was such an emotional and joyful time in our […]

May 13

Mother’s Day 2012

This link was my motherhood status in 2009. I was the mom of a two and a half year old and a seven month old baby. I remember it almost clearly. It was really the hardest job in the world, but together with my husband and the help of my parents, we made it! I […]

May 08

Five Years and 10 Months Later

Once upon a time, a husband and wife slept together in their beds- in peace and quiet. They went to bed past 2am on a regular day before their scheduled day to work. On most days, when they went out, they went to bed much later for a couple hours and got ready to start […]