So after obsessing over this site over the last week, I am happy to say that it is finally up and running. It’s actually a whole lot easier to maneuver through than my previous blog. I love the new change. Thanksgiving weekend is almost over and I actually have not stepped out of the house. That’s right- not even for Black Friday shopping. It’s kind of cold out and I didn’t want to expose the newborn. We also didn’t feel like dealing with the massive crowd. I did, however, find some good online deals with free shipping as well. Dex and I have been getting more into the online buzz.

Since Dex has returned to work, I find that I am so sleep deprived. I actually didn’t this would happen. We should have planned his schedule better. Obviously on the days he’s working, I have to stay up with the baby the night before. Well superman daddy decided that he was going to work four days in a row this week. Yikes! Every other day is not a problem. You barely notice that you’re not getting enough sleep. Four days in a row, however, is a different story. I’ve been crabby and just blah. Dex and I will be working different schedules this whole month. I start work next Sunday. We had to work opposite schedules because I don’t know how my mom could handle it on her own. We’ll see how it goes for a little while.

I’ll keep this nice and short for my first post. I am all computered out this week trying to get this site up and running. Yes- I probably made up the word computered! I’m tired what can I say?

Anyway, feel free to look around and get to know my site! I’m loving the change for the moment. I found me a new obsession this month.

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