The MeMe question for the day asks: What do you want to believe in?

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This was a rather hard and thought provoking question. There are already many things that I believe in. The first thing is true love. The other is God, though I am so very far from being religious. I already believe there is life after death, as some may argue. I think this question is tricky. If you want to believe in something, it means that you don’t currently believe it now, correct?

So my answer is that I want to believe that this world will become a better place to live. It is not so much for me, but for my daughters. They have just arrived in this place called earth and life and it’s not looking so bright. Right now they are so precious and innocent. There is so much violence, drugs and just negativity in all aspects of life. I want to believe that it will get better. The thought of them growing up in this world frightens me. Will they be strong enough to make their own decisions as adolescents? Will they be safe when they go away to college- or even elementary school? Kids nowadays are just thinking way too ahead of themselves. Times have changed, but I want to believe it can change for the better. Sometimes, I don’t think the world has changed so much. There has always been violence and drugs. I think what has changed is our acceptance of them in our lives. We’ve accepted teenage pregnancy. We’ve accepted that shooting in the schools happen. We’ve accepted so many things because we see it on TV all the time. Kids watch so much MTV, they become immersed in what is “in” and want to emulate the lifestyle they see. Now that I am a mom, it is a different perspective. It’s a scary world out there, and I am scared for my daughters. I just hope that my foundation and upbringing of them will be enough. Is that enough nowadays.

I want to believe that it is!

To my girls Jasmyne and Janelle: I know there will come a time when you will read these crazy writings of mine. You’ll find this printed out blog/journal in the attic or box somewhere and hopefully read through it to learn what we have gone through in life. How your parents met and the journey we took to get you guys where you are today, wherever that may be. Right now we are just at the very beginning. Who knows what will happen tomorrow or what I will write about. We just hope that you guys always look at the beginning so you can go in the right direction in life. Always start with a good foundation and make the best decisions for yourselves.

OMG! I think I’m tearing. This crazy postpartum depression has got to go away. I’m being way too dramatic lately. Pardon me and have a good Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “Believe!

  1. I do believe that a strong family, being taught right from wrong and how to think for themselves early in life is a great start for a new tomorrow. The world CAN be a better place, we just all have to point our children in the right direction.

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