So yesterday, I had my post-partum check up and it was not as bad as I expected. One of the things I dread in my life are those annual pap smears. I actually don’t even get them annually, though I try really hard to. Anyway, it must have been the best one I’ve ever had. The topic of the whole appointment was birth control. She gave me lots of options, but I think I will opt for Mirena since I cannot handle taking pills on a daily basis. I wouldn’t want an accidental gift in the near future. We’ll see how it works for me, because I generally do not do well on hormones either. The great part is that it comes in a “non-hormonal” form, but it gives you longer and heavier menstruation, and that would aboviously be my last resort.

After my appointment, we went Christmas shopping. We went to a new place, which was actually refreshing. In fact, I think I want to go back there again. I really wanted to try out this gelato/crepe place that I spotted. Yeah, I know, just what I needed right?.Anyway, holiday shopping has not been too much fun. It’s more dreadful than ever this year. It’s not because we’re spending money, but because of the kids. It’s obviously not their fault but it’s just not manageable, even for Dex. That’s a statement cause Dex can handle lots of things and not complain. It’s weird cause we’ve been going to the mall since baby #2 arrived and not had problems. It’s as though it’s time for holiday shopping and BOoM- the last two times we’ve gone shopping have been rough times.

As soon as we got there, Janelle had to eat and Jasmyne was crabby. She hadn’t napped yet, which makes a big difference. Little one fell asleep again and Jazz starts getting antsy in her stroller as usual. She has never been the type of kid that will willingly stay in her stroller. Ever since she was a baby, she hated being in the car seat. I remember when she was only a month, she would stretch her body so we would have a “hard” time putting her in. It just amazes me how you know a babies personality from birth. It actually sticks with them. Thank goodness Janelle loves her seat. She could sleep there all day as long as she gets meal breaks. That Fattie-Poo!

To get back on track with my story, we get to Macy’s and all hell breaks loose. Okay, looking back, it probably was not as bad. I guess our lack of sleep has been taking a toll on us. Janelle wants to eat again. She’s screaming her butt off. I’m carrying all these bags and pushing the stroller and cannot find any seats. I’m also carrying all these GREAT deals I found and didn’t want to let it go. I couldn’t get a hold of Dex cause he was trying to shop, but was really not able to. He was chasing Jazz around, so to him, it was pointless to even be there. He may as well be in the play area. So we finally find each other. I feed the baby, he’s got all the bags and merchandise. We’re organizing everything and sifting through what we wanted to buy and chasing Jazz around. Then we had to find bathroom cause baby is having another tantrum. She pooped and her diaper needed to be changed. We finally find a restroom, but the women’s side was being remodeled. WTF? Hahahaha. Dex had to go to the men’s room to change the baby in his moody state. Than Jazz wanted her’s changed too. Of course, we find that she ran out of diapers in the baby bag. She had a little tantrum attack and had to be set straight and FORCED into her stroller. Now we have two babies crying and it was just dramatic. I think if you took a video of Dex and I inside that savior place inside the fitting room, you would have started laughing and crying at the same time.

Then we saw my family and headed out soon after. Jazz was rescued from her stroller and baby was satisfied and sleeping all over again. They helped us with the bags and it ended well. WHEW! It was tiring writing that. Anyway, Janelle was up until 300am with me and she woke up at 600am. Surprisingly, those 3 hours of sleep felt good. Once she fell back asleep, I got on my laptop and I’m ready for my day. Here I am- ready and energized.

I had the suddent thought to get a haircut today when I woke up, so we’ll see if that goes through. I may talk Dex into trying to have another round of shopping today. I doubt he’ll agree. He had a bad day yesterday! Nevertheless, I am way overdue for a mani-padi. The last one I had was the day before I had Janelle. I was having contractions at the nail salon. Oh the joys of parenthood. It’s all worth it in the end though!


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