My Girlies



So Little Miss Jazzy is sick today. It really started yesterday. She’s finally getting some rest this morning as the medication is kicking in. We practically had to shove it down her mouth last night. Poor thing couldn’t sleep due to her stuffy nose and daddy had to come to work this morning. All it took was that one time she did not wear her hat on our way to Nordstrom from the car. I knew it! I hope she gets better in time for the Holidays next week.

Janelle, on the other hand, was pretty good to me last night. I got me some much needed rest. I can’t say I slept much, because it’s always hard for me to sleep in that room. I just have my brain still awake at all times waiting for her cry. She is growing and growing as obviously all babies do, but far more faster than I’m used to. Jasmyne was a slow one, growth wise, so Janelle seems like a giant to me. She is not even two months old yet, but she’s wearing 3-6 month sizes. What a little fattie-poo!

Anyway, both girls are sleeping right now, so I got to clean the house a bit. Of course, my downtime consists of computer time, until they wake up. I’m soooooo glad I got my Christmas wrapping out of the way and the house is clean! Yay for good time management… and more YAY for more christmas cards that I must say I love to receive.

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