I love the people I work with… and apparently, they love me too. Over the weekend, I was in charge of the crazy Eighth Floor. This means that I have no patients of my own. I just help nurses with their needs and communicate with the ER regarding admission and etc. On Sunday, my coworkers surprised me with a lunch potluck. After work on Saturday, they actually came home and still cooked some food for this LiL party. They also ordered pizza and we had two of my favorite dessert items on board: ice-cream cake and tiramisu! I didn’t even know it until I came into the break room! It was so sweet and our tummies were full once again.

Anyway, one of the newest additions to the 8th floor is a traffic light. Our manager though it was highly necessary to provide it for the nurses to remind us to be quiet out on the nurses station. It is green when we are quiet. Then it turns yellow as a warning when we are getting a little too loud. Finally, it sirens and turns red when we are out of control. You’ve probably seen it when you were in kindergarten! It’s hanging right where everyone can see it and the doctors are always asking what it is. What a way for them to have more confidence in us, huh?

Oh the joys of working on the infamous 8th Floor at my hospital. There is something new every day!

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