White Christmas

I guess this year will be a white Christmas. It is snowing like crazy outside. I really wish I could take Jasmyne out to play in the snow for the first time ever. Unfortunately, I can’t because she is just getting over her cold. I have work tomorrow and *ahem* it is my birthday *ahem*. Dexter was a little adamant about having a little get together at our place, but I had it cancelled. I just don’t want people to feel like they have to drive all the way over to our place. Besides, I have work and we will have an early day for Christmas. Early for me is afternoon, if you don’t know that by now. Yesterday, we just sat home and bummed around because it’s been too freakin cold out. I froze just walking to our mailbox. We have negelceted getting our mail due to the freezing temperatures. I was happy to open all the bunches of Christmas cards awaiting me. Anyway, I’m doing the laundry today! I’ve been doing good on accomplishing tasks for my 1001 project. I actually have to fix up that little tab to keep it up to date.

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