Number 98

98. Have a one-to-one with my mom and thank her for everything.

So I finally have a task in green, meaning I have accomplished it on my 101 things to do. I have a wonderful relationship with my mom, but sometimes, serious one-to-one’s are hard to come by even though they should come more often. It is one of those things that I hope is understood, but it made me feel better that she knows how thankful I truly am. Taking care of two kids is hard work. Even though we only leave her alone with them to work on the same days once or twice a week, that is still a hefty job! I’ve got plenty of bitchy days, but thank goodness I have a wonderful family to put up with it.

Speaking of having two kids- if you all don’t already know, you will never have time for yourself. I have been trying to get my hair done for the last month and a  half. It keeps failing on me. I have cancelled three appointments already. I was gonna go and venture out today, but the freaking snow is hindering me. One of my other 101 things to do is to Drive THE Truck with confidence. I wasn’t about to test that theory out in the snowy weather. If we didn’t have to go to a party later, maybe- just maybe, I could have finally accomplished that task. Oh well. maybe next time.

Happy 2nd birthday David!

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