It’s over!

It has been a sweet and relaxing three days off. Dex and I had to do some schedule changes for the next two months, so this was a three day weekend we had to savor. It has been a bit much for my momma to be alone with the two kids alone, so the hubby and I had to take a back seat. We won’t have a day off together until January 30th. Boooooo! When we did our schedule, we figured if we worked together three days a wekk, my mom could at least have four days off that week. Too bad it didn’t work out.

The snow and cold weather was actually a blessing in disguise. We got to chill at home and just relax. We had a wonderful time with Jasmyne- in bed. We weren’t sleeping or anything, but we were doing things you wouldn’t think. That includes wrestling and tickle fights and human ladder and much more. We had so much fun giggling in bed with our “older” little baby. Janelle is still in her napping, eating and wake times of 1.5 hours at a time phase, so we are taking full advantage of that for now. We can’t wait until she is able to be more awake without being crabby. Then the two sisters can really play and get to know each other.

Anyway, we’re both back to work tomorrow! Boooo for Mondays.

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