It is so funny that I have had a journal for five years, but only started getting “press” recently. Maybe it’s because I joined several blogging communities, but I have been getting a lot of feedback as of late. Some of my friends have asked where the heck I get a chance to do much of the things I do- most especially this little journal of mine. I think the answer is really all about time management, which I must say I am very good at! It is one of my greatest positive assets in life. As an example, I planned my wedding in about a year- with no help from anyone due to my perfectionism and wanting things done my way. I worked two jobs at the time and did various other activities. I look back at it now and wonder how I did it all. I’m sure when I read this in the future, I will also look back and wonder how I’m doing this despite the fact that I have a two-year old and a newborn baby.

I hope you all don’t assume that I neglect my children or that I leave the work for my mother- because it is simply far from that. My kids always come first in everything I do. I shower them in the early afternoon. They take naps. Admittedly so, my eldest daughter also sleeps later than most kids. I wash their bottles. Dexter and I take turns doing different tasks on different days. We go out fairly frequently to entertain the kids or to run errands. I pay bills. I sent Christmas cards this year. I do lots of work related projects. I read magazines. I plan their parties. I help other people plan their parties. I clean up the house. I read to Jasmyne. I play with Jasmyne. I play with Janelle. I change their diapers. I have recently started doing laundry. I don’t cook or wash dishes, but I do a lot of things!

I do many things with my time, but the main priority is always about my kids and making sure I get to spend enough time with them. I make sure my priority is also doing the “chores” that need to be done on their behalf. I mostly have the chance to go on the computer when they are napping or late at night when they are sleeping or have winded down. Right now, as we speak, I am on duty as night shift in Janelle’s room. If you’ve been keeping up with me, you’ll know that it is impossible for me to get any type of sleep here. But the bottom line is, I get to do my extra curricular activities when I have extra time. Maybe that time should be spent sleeping on my part, but I think it’s also important for me to use it as an escape. I truly enjoy writing. I enjoy taking pictures. I enjoy taking pictures of my kids in hopes of making an album in the future. This has been my hobby all my life. I don’t mind sharing my thoughts to whoever reads this, but MOST of all, I am doing this for myself!

I still can’t believe I have over 1100 hits as of this time, but apparently there are some people in this planet who find me interesting. Thank you for your feedback and your time! I hope I have kept you entertained as much as I have kept myself sane in venting on this little space of mine. Just know that if you are reading anything I have written, it was done because I have finished doing all my tasks. I have chosen to do it instead of watching TV or sleeping for my own sake. I am doing something I truly enjoy. I am doing something to help me to remember days past for my future.

… and that’s the bottom line!

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