Today’s post is from The Daily Meme: Ten On Tuesday

Question: Ten Things You’re Really Good At

So I had to think a little hard about this, which is good exercise for my brain. It’s also a confidence booster for me because I don’t think I’ve ever thought about the things I’m good at. It’s not something I do on a regular basis, you know? So here is what I came up with in no particular order. It’s as random as my brain!

1. Time Management: See my post from yesterday. I would like to add one thing to yesterdays post, by the way. Of course I am pretty lucky to have a good support system to allow me to do my daily extras. I have my momma, for one. More importantly I also have a great husband who shares in the responsibilities and gives me my ME time whenever possible.

2. Arts and Crafts: I’m pretty good at making paper products and such. I’ve always been good in this department. I think I always won the science fair when I was in elementary school- not for the science project, but for the poster boards I made. They were quite crafty and colorful.

3. Planning: If you’ve ever seen my calendar, you’ll know why I am in charge of making appointments for the family. I have every date possible in there. I know what weekends we’re working for the whole year. I know when all the holidays and special events are for the whole year. I’ve requested my days off for the year 2009. All I have to do is tell Dex what days he needs off and he’ll find out why much later because he could care less.

4. Cleaning: If you’ve ever set foot into our bedroom, you may realize what a messy couple we are. That’s just how the bedroom is and always probably will be. Believe it or not, however, we clean the other parts of the house fairly often. Dex and I as a team can make the house spic and span (spotless and ultimately clean, including bathrooms) for a party in less than two hours. On a regular day, we can make the house look clean in about 15 minutes. That’s talent!

5. Writing: Besides writing direct thoughts from my head into my journal, I think I was also a good writer back when I was in school. I remember cramming and writing my papers on the same day it was due back in college. I didn’t know how I did it, but when I read the final product, it was always better than what I expected. I write everything that I may not be able to communicate verbally. I think the hubby has read plenty of my letters to avoid verbal arguments. See my writing also serves as a peace offering!

6. Making Excuses: So this may not be such a positive thing, but I am good at making excuses to get me out of trouble. I can think of excuses *ahem* sometimes fibs *ahem* really quickly. Sometimes they come so quick that it is soooooo believable. I sound so proud of myself, don’t I?

7. Communicating with my patients: There are lots of health issues and diagnosis that my patients hear about on a daily basis. Many times, their doctors come and go within minutes, barely giving them time to breathe between questions. Patients and their families often give me positive feedback on my communication style and how naturally it comes out- without sounding like a robot or textbook material.

8. Staying up and energized even when I have been sleep deprived for weeks: Enough said. I just need my (almost daily) doses of iced coffee from Dunkin D or Starbucks and I’m good to go!

9. Multi-tasking: I work well under pressure I guess. There are times when I’m running around like a mad woman at work, but most of the time, I get things done faster that way. When I have nothing to do, things I need to get done generally don’t get done until the very end.

10. As good as I am with Number 8, I am even better at doing the exact opposite- SLEEPING! That is self explanatory me dears!

3 thoughts on “10 THINGS

  1. I’m good at staying up late too…. but quite impossible without the help of caffeine. =)

    I’m with you too on Number 2! =)

    I love your answers!

    Happy blogging!

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