So Last Minute!

So one of my goals for the month of January was to get Janelle’s baptism set up. I was sure on wanting it done late March when the weather would probably be a lot nicer. When I called different churches, I came to find that baptisms are not done during Lent. That meant I wouldn’t be able to do it until after Easter. That meant that she would be half a year already, which to a lot of standards, is too old! More importantly, I wasn’t sure if Dexter’s parents would still be here at that time. They are coming next week, but they usually don’t like to stay too long. Thank goodness I made phone calls to the churches early enough to even find this out. Normally, you have to attend a class that occurs at the end of each month. If I called any later, I would have missed registration time for their class on Tuesday next week!

Well this whole week has gone in my favor. I am precepting a nurse who has six years of experience. She is pretty much on her own and doing her own thing. I’m just around in case she has any questions! So with that said, I was able to book a restaurant for the painful time of 3p-6p. Unfortunately, the baptism is at an awkward time of 130pm. I went through lots of phone calls before finally finding the right mixture of pricing and availability. Surprisingly, there are lots of baby and wedding showers that day. I guess those spring babies and weddings are just around the corner. To make a long story short, I am now doing invites! I still can’t believe that I managed to get so many tasks done- at work, and I mean A LOT! One of the best things I accomplished was setting up my dental appointment finally! Believe it or not, little tasks like that are hard to do at home with the two kids around! Thank goodness for work!

I wish I could sleep now. It is currently 515am and I can’t sleep. She got up around four to drink milk. She is adding another 30 minutes slowly, but surely. Last week, her waking time to eat was around 3-330! I can’t wait until she starts sleeping through the night and I’m back to sleeping in my own bed. It’s probably wishful thinking, but I hope she doesn’t wake up until 9AM. I’m gonna FORCE myself to get some shut eye now. Wish me luck!

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