Buzzzy Beeee

Things have been hectic lately due to the fact that Dex and I have opposite schedules. It is rough and I haven’t been out anywhere (besides work) since the first week of the month.  I also put in a four day work week this week, plus I took a CPR and ACLS course on one of my days off. I was tired! I haven’t worked four days in a week in a long while, especially not since having another baby! Next week is another four day week, then it’s back to normal. That one day makes a difference in the paycheck, but it also makes a difference in my energy. I AM SO TIRED by the end of the week! Since I don’t have that third hand around on my days off, I am strictly taking care of the kiddies. Bath time and feedings and time for games and all that jazz. I really haven’t had the time for myself. As selfish as it sounds, everyone needs that little moment, if even for an hour! I can’t wait until Friday, cuz finally Dex and I are off together. Even on our days off though, we will still be juggling tasks. Jasmyne has her 2.5 year MD appointment and we have to go to the church and restaurant to prep for Janelle’s Baptism. Dexter’s parents are also going to be arriving from the Philippines, and I finally have a dental appointment as well. After that, we have to do our shopping for all the stuff the kids are running out of and of course, some groceries. I’m feeling the busy bug already!

With all the things going on and how tired I’ve been feeling, it has been extra hard trying to accomplish another task: Potty Training. Jasmyne loves to sit in her special seat, but hasn’t pee’d in the toilet yet. She just loves to sit there and flush and waste the tissue. I still give her lots of positive feed back just for even sitting there as long as she does. I bought her training panties which she loves. I think next week, she cannot get tissue or flush the toilet unless the waterbowl turns a different color- YELLOW! No more mister nice mommy for her! I will have to make sure my mom does the same. Training kids to use the potty and sleep in their own beds takes lots of patience and TIME! Jasmyne loves her bed, but it takes her so long to fall asleep and she wants you to lay your head by the foot side. Ugh- Dex and I barely have the energy to hold our heads up sometimes. Then we give in and lay her right next to us and all three of us dose off in a heart beat! Its so easy to fail as parents cause we are looking for the easy way out right now. We’ll get better soon, hopefully. I am determined to have Jazzy-Poo potty trained before summer!

Janelle’s swing is broken, so right now, I have to manually move it for her. She uses the swing during the day, and I reserve her crib ONLY for night time use. This allows her to know when night time is and hopefully trains her to sleep longer at night. It works for the most part, cuz her bed time is 845pm and she doesn’t usually wake until about 330am. If she slept that long during the daytime nowadays, we would be in trouble! She is definitely having longer wake periods during the day- and she LOVES to laugh! We just need a new swing, cuz I cannot be stuck in this room every single day.

Here’s to another random post… and a better work week!

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