Nose Bling

I have thought about getting my nose pierced before. I also want to get another tattoo before the summer starts. I don’t really know what hit me, but I just decided to get one on a whim and BAM- I have a nose piercing. I was a bit freaked out from some of the research I had done on it and the high infection rate, but despite that, I still went ahead with it. The one thing about Dex and I is that we tend to do things on a whim without thinking much about it. I think this was defnitely one of those moments. I’ve had two kids, but heck, this was the most painful thing I have ever gone through. What was I thinking allowing a needle to pass through these thick ass nostrils of mine. I thought it would never end. I’m glad with the outcome though. Now I just pray that it heals correctly. Janelle also got her little ears pierced last week. Ironically, it was the same lady who pierced Jayda’s ears when she was three months old. As soon as I saw her working, we just randomly got her ears done too! She did so well. Anyway, I also got my hair did last week (finally) and I love it. I don’t know why I waited so long to get it done. Yay! All my girly things on my to do list are done for now. I should be a happy camper for a while. Thanks hubby of mine for putting up with all my madness recently. I love how you let me do all these spoiled brat activities I get myself into.

I’m also happy that Janelle’s baptism stuff is done and over with. I met up with the church and all their strict policies. We set up the restaurant yesterday. I also finished making her invitations and had them mailed out today! I feel so accomplished.  I’ve been busy lately, but the kind of busy I love. I love getting pampered and I love planning my little babies’ parties.

Anyway, here is a pic of my piercing. What do you all think? I can’t believe that I got one. I’m in early midlife crisis!


2 thoughts on “Nose Bling

  1. It does hurt. I pierced my own when I was a freshman and it killed lol…I didn’t keep it long but it was cute. It’s cute on you!

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