10: Favorite Stores To Shop

Today’s post is from The Daily Meme: Ten On Tuesday

1. Target

2. Gap Kids

3. Sephora

4. MAC Cosmetics

5. CostCo

6. Life Uniform

7. Nordstom

8. Michaels

9. Victoria’s Secret

10. Lori’sHospital  Gift Shop

So the above named places are a list of stores where I spend most of my money- particularly the first and last one on the list. I go to Target and can easily spend at least $100 per week. I could go in there needing one item and walk out with a crap load of things. Number 10 is my hospital’s gift shop. I am there every single time I work at least twice a shift to buy snacks or candy. If I’m really bored I’ll actually snoop in and buy actual merchandise.

On another note, speaking of work, I saved a life today. We had a Code Blue at work and I participated in it for the first time since I was a new nurse. I’ve been to many Code Blues and assisted with random things, but cannot honestly say that I have put in my two cents into it with confidence. I have never really taken the time to learn the ACLS protocol, even though I renew it in a timely manner. I just recently renewed my CPR-ACLS, and have been religiously going over it at least once a week. I was determined to keep it in my brain and remember the algorithms. I actually used it in practice today. I was the one administering the meds and yelling out ideas of what could possibly be done during the arrest. After nearly 15 minutes, she had a pulse and was taking some breaths! Good Job Team!

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