25 Random Things

So a little while back on the world wide web, there was this thing going around from one person to the next. It was a list of 25 random things about you that you sent out to those you wanted to tag. Yeah- like tag you’re it. I was tagged a couple of times, but never actually generated a list of 25 things until now. Who knew it would be so hard to think of 25 “random” things about yourself. Anyway, here’s my list! If you’re reading this- TAG YOU’RE IT! Post it on your blog and let me know about it.

1. In the fifth grade, I had a really bad accident with my right middle finger. It got caught on a rolling gate and my nail actually fell out. The top part of my finger was also hanging on a thread. I watched as they sewed it back together- with flesh and blood all hanging out. I was definitely made to be a nurse.

2. I rarely drink hot coffee. If you see me drinking coffee, it is iced coffee from Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts 99% of the time.

3. When I was young, I always wanted to be a nurse. I decided then that as soon as I graduated and became a nurse, I would get married at the age of 25 and have my first child a year later. I also knew I wanted two kids before I turned 30. I was really determined, huh? It worked out EXACTLY this way.

4. Not many people believe this- and not many people even know half of the truth, but I had my ghetto “hoodrat” times as my hubby calls it back in the days. I was actually a “playa playa” to a certain standard. It all ended when Dex gave me one last chance! Enough said! *smirks*

5. When I was a new grad nurse, there were plenty of doctors coming my way. There is something about doctors and policemen trying to hook up with the nurses. I was tempted a couple of times, but in the end, I’m glad I made the right choice.

6. I have an obsession with pens. From my elementary days until the end of college, I secretly had two pouches filled with different types of pens and markers. I still slightly have that today, but not quite as bad. At work, I am known as the OCD who writes everything in blue and can’t have any mistakes on my paper. I’m also the one they go to if they ever need White Out.

7. Whenever I make a CD, #7 will always be a significant song.

8. In grade school I was such a teacher’s pet. I graded the papers and put them in the grade book. I was also the lunch girl who collected money from my classmates. Surprisingly (and thankfully) no one picked on me me for being such a nerd!

9. My (ex) best friend was also best friends with my ex-boyfriend. In fact, she was the one who set us up with each other. It never quite was the same after the boyfriend and I ended our relationship! Boo!

10. I am never one to keep in touch or return phone calls. That is how I lose/lost all of my “friends” back in high school. I am ever so thankful for the creator of Text Messaging and Blackberry! I wish they had it back in the day.

11. I am the one who will slow down my speed if you are tailing me up my bootie and I am going 85mph in the middle lane. I am also the one who will stick my middle finger up at you for driving slow and nosing around causing traffic.

12. I have three brothers, and it is no excuse, but when I was young, I would burn ants with a lighter and get a kick out of it. It’s scary now to think I found joy in watching burning ants trying to make it to safety.

13. I am a firm believer that it is those quiet ones that you truly have to watch out for. They have hidden fangs!

14. I have a 2000 Honda Civic that has less than 70,000 miles on it. I think I’ll be chugging with it for a while longer. Who needs another car payment anyway?

15. When I do something drastic, it was likely done drastically- without previous thought. Whether it be cutting my hair or buying a house, almost all decicions I make are made in a blink of an eye.

16. I was deathly afraid of dogs. One day, Dex and I drove past a pet store. We decided to go inside and we saw Tyson. (See above) Then we bought him in that instant. I couldn’t even touch him for months.

17. I could eat hotdog with white rice any day and every day of the week if given that choice. I love it!

18. I never carry cash. I don’t pay the bills. My husband does all of the above. I just ask for money when I need. I ask him if we have enough money in the bank before I use my debit/credit card. It works out that way!

19. I’m not a fan of flowers. I’ve always told my boyfriends never to get them for me. Dex was the only one who didn’t comply. He used to get me a rose for every month we were together. So at 12 months, I finally got a dozen and at 2 years, I finally got two dozen at once. I preserved all of them. It was the sweetest thing.

20. My first kiss was with my now husband. The first time he kissed me, I was so nervous that I bit his tongue. We only kissed that one time since I met him in 1994 until we got together again the second time around. Ouch!

21. I can type really fast, but I don’t type in the “right” way. I also have to look on the keyboard so I don’t make mistakes.

22. It hasn’t failed yet, but every year on my birthday there is always some kind of drama. If not drama, something will always happen that makes me cry. It’s been that way since I can remember.

23. If there is a scab to be picked at, I will pick at it. I even try to pull my eyebrow hairs when I feel it growing- that is, with my nails and minus a mirror. How weird am I?

24. I hate receiving gifts. I always feel bad about it and I don’t know why. I also hate inviting people to do anything, cause I feel like they will feel obligated. I seriously don’t have hard feelings about it.  So you’ll catch me saying: You don’t have to get me a gift or I’m having this party, but don’t worry if you can’t come.

25. I have to have a pillow to hug at night- always. I rub the corners of the pillowcase and it helps me relax and fall asleep.

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