Oh What A Day!!!

Today has been pretty hectic, but I must say that I am a bit proud of myself for having enough energy to do as much as I have! Whew! That was a long sentence too, huh? I have been so tired lately and I mean really tired. My eyes hurt on a daily basis from forcing them open all day long. It has been busy at work. Janelle is still waking up at night, which is totally normal for her age. What is not normal is how she wants to play at 3AM on most nights when it’s my turn to watch her! I don’t know the deal on that, but I am one tired ladee. It’s so hard because Dex and I are back to having an almost identical schedule. So when it’s my turn to sleep with the baby and I have work the next day- I am not a happy camper! Thank goodness Dexter takes the bulk of the night shift from me. He’s the best husband ever! That is why I am ever so excited to go to Las Vegas this coming March with my whole family and my mom. It always works out well with my mom there. We hang out and spend the whole day with the kids at the pool or wherever the day takes us. My mom is out and about doing her own thing all day/and some of the night long. Come 10PM, once the kids are all settled and half way to sleep, Dex and I do our own thing. When we’re in Vegas, I can be so tired, but for some reason, it doesn’t affect me. I guess cause I am a happy-tired person! Well, the tickets are so freaking pricey. Plus, we have to pay for Jasmyne’s ticket now because she is two years old. So we decided to save about $115 per ticket and fly to LAX. We’ll drive to Vegas, which I will love. I haven’t driven long distances in quite sometime. Coming back home, we’re taking a midnight flight from Las Vegas to maximize the day. We arrive at 530am and off to work I go- well it’s just a class, but still! I can’t wait.

So today, I drove the truck again. It has been getting easier and easier. I am forced to drive the truck cuz I am in love with that navigation system. I took Jayda with me to run some errands. I needed a bunch ot pants tailored. More importantly, I had to stop by Michael’s again to get some crafts for Janelle’s Baptism this weekend. I got home, did three loads of laundry, gave the kids a bath, washed the bottles and for relaxation- I finished the little giveaways for the baptism. It’s not the best work I’ve done, but nevertheless, it is done. I was in such a rush cause Janelle kept waking up every 30 minutes. I think she can smell when I am gone. Now, I’m paying the bills and updating my pictures and downloading them into my Flickr site. I am on a rampage today!

I can’t wait for our family weekend off! I love those days. We are going to be every third weekend now at work, as opposed to every other weekend. It is only in my department though, i guess cause we are a whiny group of people who always get what we want. Nobody understands why I hate it so much. Nobody has a husband who also works at the hospital and works every other weekend- like me! Everyone’s husband or significant other is a M-F with weekends off type of job! I’ll have to go with the flow for now and see how it goes. If only Dexter’s department would have the same thing, but that is nearly impossible to even imagine. No more of my days off during the week. That is the one thing I love about nursing. There is no weekend in my life because I can be off throughout the week. On my weekends off, I can be off from work from Thursday to Tuesday. Our schedule is not that tough to deal with. We’ll see how it goes! Maybe I’ll end up liking it, who knows? I’ll just miss being off with Dexter on the weekends when he has to work when I don’t have to anymore! Of course, there will also be less days during the week when we’re off together. No weekends mean I am working more during the weekday. Boooo!

Okay- I’ll stop whining now!

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