The Baptism


Janelle was finally baptized this past Sunday and it was a really touching ceremony. I had been so anxious about her getting “dipped” full body into the Holy Water Fountain that I didn’t even imagine how beautiful it could be. It was exactly that- BEAUTIFUL! The ceremony at the church and the priest that delivered the mass was perfect. I was almost in tears as she was getting baptized into the holy water, but I had to hold it back. It was as if she emerged from the water and her cry and expression on her face was like when I first met her on her birthday. It was awesome. I almost feel like I should go to church on Sundays now. Honestly, I realized that I should be exposing my children to it. I grew up going to church every Sunday, and although I am not the most religious person in the world, it was definitely something that became a part of me. Jasmyne was at the church for her fourth time, if even that.  I almost felt selfish that she is not exposed to it. She didn’t even know she was at church or that she had to be quiet. She actually thought it was a play ground and she was “playing with the kids”. Thankfully, she wasn’t obnoxiously loud, but still I felt guilty. Being a parent makes you realize how selfish you can sometimes be. I can’t even spare an hour one day of the week to at least expose them into religion/church! I think that is something I want to change this year!


The reception afterward was somewhat a disappointment. Everyone was there and it was a good party, but the restaurant was a total rip off. RAM Restaurant and Brewery SUCKS!!! Small servings of everything and they tried to reduce and cheat us off of the burgers we had ordered. Good thing the hubby counted that there were 9 burgers missing from our second order of burgers! We had previously ordered a set amount of food and quickly realized we had to order almost double of what we originally ordered. People kept coming and the food kept going. Their skewers were ridiculous. It literally could have flown away if it was windy inside the restaurant. It was unbelievable. The bill was ridiculous for what was served. We had open bar, but barely anyone even drank, so the foot of the bill wasn’t even alcohol as we had expected. Everyone came who we invited. It only held 60 people, so we kept it strictly to immediate family and friends, even though we wanted to invite so many people that we worked with. Oh well. I couldn’t find a bigger place in a short amount of time. Most places were booked for baby showers and wedding showers for all the April and May festivities.

All in all, it was a good but tiring day. We started early before the mass to pick up the balloons and cake. Then it was off to the restaurant to decorate for a little bit. The kids had it even worst- but they did so good for not being able to nap or rest. I was especially proud of my little star of the day- Janelle. She was just so happy and smiling at everyone and nap free for the whole day. Check out the pictures on my Flickr Site.

Oh and speaking of holiness, I am giving up rice for Lent. This is the first time I am ever giving up rice. I hope to stand by it. I wanted to give up something I couldn’t do without- so there it is.

PS: I did tell God that I will have rice only on one day during Lent. That will be during my trip to Vegas. I hope he listened to me and understands. Otherwise, like I always say, I’m going to hell dude!

One thought on “The Baptism

  1. Awhh…the baby dunking! I’ve never been to a baptism where they actually dunked the whole baby lol…Where did you baptize her? I’m thinking of baptizing Syd in august/september. I’m too busy with school to get it all together right now. Scott isn’t really religious and doesn’t want his baby dunked lol but he’s going along with it for my sake.

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