Another Random Blob

I was home with the kids alone today, and they both did so well. I am so tired though. Janelle woke up at 600am and Jasmyne woke up at 630, which is unusual for her regular waking time of about 1000am. When they finally napped around noon, I got some tasks done. This included cleaning up our nastified room. I’ve been wanting to post it on here, but have not had the chance to. Jasmyne has been using the potty. Not religiously, but sure enough she has been going to pee in there at least twice a day. She was originally using the potty toilet seat, but I soon figured it wasn’t doing the trick. She’d sit on the toilet and flush and wipe, but not pee. So we actually bought her those “personal potties” that stay on the floor and that of course did it. I don’t know why, but it did. She has also not been using her pacifier now for the last four days. She goes to sleep without it. She asks for it, but soon forgets that we didn’t give it to her. Yes! Mission slowly being accomplished. Now I just have to hide it from the Grandma to make sure she’s not secretly getting it when we’re not around. This weekend, Dex and I are off. We are starting Janelle on her solids already. Can you believe that? Well if you can- I CAN’T! It’s been a breeze. So Saturday is the day- and I’m sure my little chunky monkey baby will love it! I can’t wait! The other day, I was feeling somewhat guilty. Janelle has barely been put to sleep in our arms since she was a newborn. Actually, she cannot sleep being rocked in our arms. She hates it. We “trained” her so well to sleep in her bed- alone! It’s kinda sad to think about it now. I get to hold her and play with her, but we can’t cuddle her to sleep. We leave her alone in her room and come in when she cries on the baby monitor, which is usually once a night. It’s sooooo much easier for us, but I just feel so guilty. We did the exact opposite for Jasmyne, and although it was extremely hard, we were really that much closer to her. We can’t even kick her out of our bed and bedroom. I realize that I can’t turn back the clock, but in the future, I’m sure I’ll appreciate it. I just can’t help but feel this way for now. People say I am too hard on myself and that many parents pick this route- for the obvious reason of it being much easier on the parents. I hope she doesn’t throw a fit on the airplane when we can’t lay her in her swing or crib to sleep. Yikes! So when we’re out, it’s kinda bad. She knows that night time means longer sleep and it also means her crib. She knows when she’s in her crib and therefore she knows its nighttime. So when we’re out and about and it’s past her bedtime, she has a fit- and I’m talking about tantrum attacks. Girlfriend wants her sleep and her milk when she wants it. There are no if’s’, and’s or but’s about it. I hope the weatherman has it right. It’s supposed to be beautiful weather over the weekend. I can’t wait for this winter crap to be over with. I’m so over it. I hate it. Because of this fugly weather, the girls are still sick. I hate that I cannot give them any medicine. Janelle has terrible nights, which is the reason why I am so tired today. She could not sleep for the life of me last night. She couldn’t breathe through her poor nose- which is already too small to begin with. I need shoes and more clothes for our little vacation. Speaking of which, we had our taxes done last week. IT’S GREAT! Never quite had that much before, but I’ll take it. I think I deserve me new bling-bling and a purse. The hubby okay’s it, so we’ll see. I’ve been into accessories as of late. Jasmyne has got a new whole wardrobe for the summer. So much cute stuff. I     just can’t seem to talk the hubby into buying her different shoes. Hello! It’s part of the steelo. Took pictures (or planned to take pictures) of the girls. Jasmyne was being bratty and absolutely refused. She was all made up with hair and matching dresses, but she wouldn’t budge. We’ll have to come back and do it again. Janelle’s came out cute, but not too much variety cause she was also getting crabby. Our photographer SUCKED! It was so stressful. Now I know why I’ve only taken them to get professional pictures but once- and that was when Jasmyne was 6 months old. A lot of poeple can’t believe that, but I’ve seriously only taken Jasmyne to get her pics once. That in and of itself was a horrible experience and we spent LOTS of money and I vowed never again. So with this experience of crying baby and a fighting toddler and trying to get the right pose in- NEVER AGAIN. Okay maybe not never, but you know what I mean. Anyway, I have run out of things to babble about- even though there are a million things rushing around in this little head of mine. Back to work tomorrow. I need to knock out.  You all have a wonderful Thursday. Enjoy the weather- cuz according to the weather man, it’s gonna be good!

One thought on “Another Random Blob

  1. how do i add my flickr site to my blog? I’ve went back to wordpress so my family/friends can comment and say updated…it says I can find my rss on my homepage and look for feed but i don’t see it. i may be blind.

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