So over the weekend, Dexter and I decided we were going to go out. The last time we were out without the kids was when we went to Vegas for our anniversary back in August. The last time before that was who knows when. The last time we went out to actually drink and “party” is even a more further time in this brain of mine that I can’t even remember. It was all in good timing. My mom had been off from the kids for a whole three days, plus the next upcoming two days, I was still going to be off. So we figured if there was a time to go out, it would be that day. The one thing about the grandparents living with the grandchildren is that you can’t really take full advantage of it. In all honesty, Dex and I do not abuse the system, per se. We both understand that my mom has the kids a bulk of the time. Granted, she is never alone with them too too often, but still, she is here to help us when the other is away at work. So when it is our day off, she deserves her day off too. So to make a long story short, Dex and I barely ever have a day just to ourselves, aside from driving to and from work. That is where the bulk of our private conversations take place. It’s kinda nice actually.

Anyway, we went out this weekend to celebrate one of Dexter’s co-workers birthday and also one of our good friends birthday. It was raining and crappy out. YES! I had my umbrella and I was holding it up high as we waited in line. Thank god it was only for a minute. Dex always seems to know how to talk himself into good things. Two bars and way too many drinks later, I could barely walk straight. I almost fell out of a chair at the bar, but many thanks to someone who caught me, and it was NOT the hubby. Dex had to hear me ranting on the LONG ride home. I tend to pick fights when I’m drunk. The next day was hell. I had to get up early for the kids. Feed them and give them breakfast. They wanted to play. I had a headache and wanted to go back to sleep so desperately. They needed to shower. I wanted to sleep. The in-laws wanted to see them. I had a headache and wanted to sleep. To top it all off, I wanted to sleep all day, but couldn’t. The icing on the cake was that it was finally my turn to be with the baby. She cried every hour- which is so unlike her. That was probably God’s punishment for me for going out and staying out so late. NO SLEEP all day and all night long, but now I’m surprisingly okay. I should be sleeping, but I have been online. Yesterday, my brother and his GF came over. I did my much needed calendar updates while there were two other sets of hands around for the kids. Now I’m all done with everything. I also managed to do the laundry earlier. Thank goodness. Back to square one!

Next on the list: Packing for Vegas!

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