Winter Blues

Today’s post is from The Daily Meme: Ten On Tuesday

Question: Ten Things You Won’t Miss About Winter

1. The coldness that requires me to wear my nasty North Face Jacket.

2. Staying in with the kids 95% of the time cause it’s too damn cold out.

3. The traffic caused by the freaking snow that keeps piling up- making me late for work.

4. My depression about the effing cold and snow.

5. Warming up my car, therefore causing me to be effing late to work.

6. The effing HEATING bill.

7. Staying in the extra hot shower extra longer, making me late to work and also keeping the rest of the house from getting heated water.

8. The stare downs I get from people cause I am holding Iced Coffee when it’s below zero outside. Hello? It’s not that cold indoors!

9. The nasty freakin dirty snow stamp I get on the bottom of my jeans.

10. Having nasty feet cause I have an excuse since no one will see my toes.

Wow people! Did you sense the hatred I have for this winter thing. This has got to be the easiest list I have ever created. I could easily come up with another hundred reasons, but I felt my heart racing just thinking of it. I’m so glad that it will be warming up soon- at least I hope. I am so over this dreaded winter season. I know I should just move somewhere else, but that would just be overly dramatic, right? Hmmmm. Maybe not on second thought.

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