First Day

The other day was Jasmyne’s first day of her On My Own class at our park district. It’s basically a prep course prior to pre-school, which she will hopefully start in the fall. She’s already enrolled and accepted for their program. It’s just a matter of her being fully potty trained at that time. Anyway, she was super excited to start “school” and mommy was secretly anticipating it too. She really is not exposed to kids intelectually. She plays with her cousin David often, but he is not really talking yet. She’s always playing at the Play Yard at Woodfield Mall, but that’s more like a gym. None of the kids Jasmyne’s age are really talking to one another. Jazzy tries to introduce herself, but other kids run away from her thinking she’s crazy. So when we got to class, it was surprising for me to see how familiar she was with it. She sat on the table next to another student. She sat there and she sat there, as if she was waiting for school to start. I’m assuming it’s from the cartoons that she watches. The teacher kept calling her Jasmyne and she would respond by correcting the teacher saying her name is Jayda. She told the girl next to her: My name is Jayda. What’s your name? It was so cute.

The parents stay for the whole time only during the first class, so it was so much fun on my end watching her interact with other kids. It will definitely teach her how to share. I noticed this right from the start. The letter of the day was F, so they had to make Fans by attatching Feathers to paper plates with glue.  Lily, her new friend, took the glue that was in between them. She grabbed it from Lily and told her that was “mine”. We were told not to interfere too much, so I couldn’t really react. The teacher told her she had to share the glue, to which she did after she put some glue on her plate. After that project was done, it was basically an open class in which they could do anything they wanted. They could play Legos or play with the kitchen or color or play in the sand box. So Jayda decides to play in the kitchen with some of the other kids. When she got bored, she told the girls: Let’s go! Let’s color now! Come on. Follow me. The girls did follow her over to the desk, to which Jazz proceeded to give them each a marker. She told them to color with THOSE markers. When they put it down a minute later to use another one, Jazz told them NO! They have to color with the marker . She was handing them back the original marker she had given them, to which the girls took and used again. We were all pretty much laughing and thinking how cute it was. The other parents were asking if Jazzy was my kid, to which I had to admit to! Hahaha. The teacher had to remind Jasmyne and another boy throughout the whole session that they had to share, to which Jasmyne politely obeyed. The teacher told me it was normal and that it all gets better once socialization skills are better. I don’t know about you, but she was socializing just fine- maybe even too much. Some of the other kids were pretty shy, but once they get the hang of each other, Jazzy will start to correct herself. That is according to the teacher. We’ll see how next week goes. This Thursday she’s got Toddler Gym and Crafts. Basically a gym and crafts group, with the organized help of a teacher. Again, my main goal is for active and organized socialization with other kids who are talking. Being an “only” child in my family makes it hard to teach her how to share with other kids when there is not that much opportunity to expose her to it. I’ll keep you guys updated.

As soon as we got home, we taught her that when she is in school her name is Jasmyne. When she is at home and with family, her name is Jayda. Oh what have I done. I’ve got her all confused. She pretty much understood it though. Thank goodness Janelle is what it is- Janelle. That was my goal exactly.

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