Jon and Kate

It’s likely just coincidental, but there is always a reality TV show that I find myself relating to at important milestones of my life. During my marriage, I loved watching The Newlyweds: Nick and Jess. Their relationship totally reminded me of my relationship with Dexter. It was so scary because we related to them almost 96% of the time. Then they went down the drain, which I am still crying over to this day. I still believe that they still love each other, but that’s just me.

So I DO NOT watch television too often. I don’t have a show I have to watch or follow. Thank goodness. My free time is spent more on the internet. I shop on there. I update my life on there. I stay updated on other people’s life on there too. All I have to say is thank goodness for nap time. Anyway, Jon and Kate Plus Eight has become one of my favorite shows. I can’t say that Dex and I relate to them as much as we did with Nick and Jess, but we still relate to them nevertheless. I find great joy when Dex and I can look at each other and realize that we are not the only ones going through what we are going through. I love when Kate says something and I look at Dex and give him a look that says: See I am not the only biatch in this world. They are such an inspiration as parents to me. It’s so hard to be a parent of two kids, so I can only imagine. Heck- I would only want to imagine. They have done such a good job with everything up to this point. Besides, those kids (all eight of them) are the second cutest kids next to mine. I still don’t know how they have done it all these years. I also can’t believe how fast those kids have grown- and how fast mine are growing. Oh life!

That is why I am Hoping and Praying that the rumors aren’t true. Jon is soooooo good with his kids (and his wife) that I couldn’t imagine him straying the wrong way. It just can’t be. That’s why to all the people who get married, my first advice is for them to enjoy each other. Many people tell me that they have been living together for years and are ready to have children. To me, though, living together has nothing to do with it. Many couples live together, but they haven’t really spent time together. I know that doesn’t make any sense, but people live together and lead busy lives outside of it. At least it seems busy at the moment. Once you have kids, you cannot go back to having alone time with only each other. After marriage is a good time to concentrate on one another- to travel and enjoy life without the hassles of trying to finish school or paying the bills. I tell people that they should TRULY get to know and enjoy each others company. Once you have kids, it will be some time before you can tell yourself you don’t have to worry about them. Actually, after you have kids, many people relate their freedom to spend time with one another to their retirement! Can you imagine that? Sheesh. Thank goodness Dex and I are not thinking that far in advance.

I don’t regret what happened to Dex and I at all. I feel that we lived together and were lucky enough not to have financial problems. We travelled a lot, but I must admit, not enough to say I was satisfied. When I think of it now, I do wish that we travelled more. We have a strong bond that we can fall on though, and that is the most important thing. I pray every night for our family, because nothing is ever certain. It takes a lot of hard work. It’s not hard work only sometimes… it’s putting in hard work every second of the day. Cheesy I know, but believe me, it’s true!

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