Happy Easter

So I was never a big fan of Easter, but after having two kids, this may soon become one of my favorite holidays ever. When we were young, it was fun to decorate eggs and have an egg hunt with all my cousins (who happen to be mostly boys). That was a faint memory. As all the kids became older, Easter kind of became blah in our family. I was talking to one of my co-workers and I told her that I never in my life  got an Easter Basket. She was so shocked! I never made my own children Easter baskets either, because it was never a thing to do in my family. In fact, I it never even crossed my mind to make them one. Neither did the hubby, cause he never got one either when he was younger. Maybe it was because I grew up with so many boys and Dex grew up in a family of only boys as well. She proceeded to tell me that her parents STILL made her and her brother Easter baskets. That was the one thing she was looking forward to this weekend. She doesn’t go home to see her parents too often since they live out of state, but she couldn’t wait to come home to see what was in her basket. Mind you, she is in her 30’s. Then this rang a bell in my head. I’ve told Dex that I wanted to start family traditions during the holidays- and this has got to be one of them. I will be making my children Easter baskets until the very end. I am so excited to start this.I am so late in the game that I will need to buy my stuffers and make it today, the day before Easter

We were supposed to go Easter Egg Hunting at one of our local parks today, but it is too cold out. Jasmyne and Janelle caught a cold from their cousin last week, so I don’t want to make it any worse. Tomorrow we are going to Easter Mass and then having brunch at Hilton Indian Lakes Resort. I loved this particular one after searching and searching for a brunch location because they have a knee high (only for kids) buffet line. They also have pictures with the Easter Bunny, balloon artist and their very own Easter Egg Hunt. I think it will be cute to come to a place where all the kids are dressed for their Sunday best. After ward, we invited family and friends to come over for dinner. I don;t know who will be showing up, but we’ll just have the place ready for whoever ends up coming. It was a last minute thing. It’ll be okay since Dex and I are still off on Monday and I will still be off on Tuesday. Yeah baby! I’m so excited.

I had a pretty eventful morning and also booked our little one day getaway to Wisconsin Dells. Due to scheduling reasons, we can’t really go until the end of May. We’re going to be staying at the Wilderness Resort. I’ve heard lots of good things about the place. Plus, it looks like there are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to do with the kids- all in one place. I’m loving summertime already.

Happy Easter Everyone!

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