10: Signs That You’re Getting Older

Today’s post is from The Daily Meme: Ten On Tuesday

So obviously, in my case, I am much older than the average person my age. This is for the simple fact that I have a family and two young children. That kind of changes my perspective in life. It definitely alters my priorities. Here is a list of 10 things (in random order) of signs I am getting older, but not necessarily feeling older. Enjoy my list!

1. People all around me are getting older. Those who were older when I was young are definitely old now. My younger nieces and nephews are not so young anymore.

2. My 10/11 year High School reunion is just around the corner.

3. I have two kids. One of them will be starting pre-school this fall.

4. When I go to a club, I feel like I’m out of the loop. Don’t mistake it though, I still have lots of fun even though I feel out of place.

5. One drink can knock me the EFF out!

6. I feel like a history book! I was around when the Sears Tower was THE Sears Tower. I was part of the first African American President become President and knew it was a historic moment. Comiskey Park was Comiskey Park in my days.

7. Ten years from now, when Jasmyne is a teenager, NSYNC and NEYO will be considered OLDIES but goodies.Kinda like Elvis and The Beatles were for my parents.

8. Gray hairs are emerging. Yikes!

9. I can’t tolerate high heels as much anymore.

10. I’m tunring 30 this year.

– Next week should be 10 signs that I’m still feeling young. Don’t doubt that I have plenty of those in stock for you guys. More so than the feeling old list. Wow! I’m so positive today! Happy Tuesday!

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