Eliot: 99 Days

So last week, I took a course on safety in the hospital setting. This week and next week, I am taking a course on management of a dying patient. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to die, but we are taught how to give them a pain free and dignified way of spending their last hours or months of life. It was a very helpful course. Sometimes, nurses who have been around the block get desensitized from it all due to the fact that we see it on a minute by minute basis. Classes like this definitely help to represent everything we nurses stand for. We are not only present in the healing portion, but we are a big part of the death and dying portion of life as well.

Anyway, this video was shown during the Pediatric portion of the class. I definitely did not think I had to put on my waterproof mascara this morning while in class. I was crying like a mad woman, as well as everyone in attendance. It is a wonderful video made by the parents of  Eliot, who was born in Lutheran General Hospital here in Illinois. The nurse who taught the pediatric portion was one of the nurses caring for this family. Eliot’s parents also posted the video on YouTube. They wanted to capture each miraculous day that Eliot spent on this place called Earth. It’s definitely an emotional piece and helps us realize what a blessing each new day is.  Make sure you have a tissue at hand. I can’t wait for the second portion of this class next week. I really learned a lot today!

One thought on “Eliot: 99 Days

  1. Janice,

    What an incredible heart breaking story….(snniff…..sniiff). Your Kuya Randy and I can completely relate to what Eliot’s parents went thru in caring for a special needs child.

    GOD has blessed us with Rolen’s strength, our relentless lovingly endurance to do everything we can for Rolen, high-spirited support from family and friends and, of course modern medical technology. We pray each and everyday thanking GOD for everything we have today, past and future as he grows.

    It saddens me to hear a loss of a child like Baby Eliot. I will admit that one of my reasons for not pursuing Nursing…is death.

    I wish you continous strength in your work….I know it takes alot to care for others who are in need of a kind spirit.

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