I have literally been reviewing many many strollers this past month. It was like my new addiction. I wanted to buy one  stroller each for the girls and also a double stroller, which a lot of people found to be weird. They wondered why I don’t just buy a double and be done with it. Well the answer is simple. Dex and I hate the thought of having to push that big ole double stroller around. It’s hard to fit into tight spaces too. We are together most of the time when we are out with the kids. We prefer to push them separately and we can have that piece of mind that one person does not have to be “stuck” with both of them. The double stroller I want is lightweight and not bulky, but I will work into talking my hubby into wanting it because it comes with a hefty price tag. Anyway, I couldn’t believe there were so many stroller blogs out there. Plenty of reviews for every stroller you can think of. The two choices I made had 95% excellent feedback from all buyers. Here is the reviews I had posted to several blogs with similar crazy moms on the hunt, such as myself.

To all you soon to be new moms out there, be sure that the one thing you SPLURGE on when you buy baby stuff is THE stroller. Jasmyne is now turning three and it is the one thing we use 100% of the time. I should have changed her stroller long ago when it was becoming annoying to push the damn thing, but I kept thinking it would be a waste. If I would have just bought those better equipped, all wheel suspension, fully loaded and fancy expensive stroller from the start, then I wouldn’t be going through this now. I spent $200 on her first stroller. Although it is a lot of money, I could have doubled it a little and been done with it for the next 5 years of her life. I think it would have been well worth it for it’s use. So I was glad to have found the best stroller for her at this age. The Quinny Zapp in Pink. It is lightweight at 18 pounds and easy to fold. It also comes with a rain cover and travel bag with the price, which ALL other strollers would be extra. It’s cute and smaller because she just needs it to stroll in. She is more on her feet now when we are out. Almost all reviews state that you can push this thing with one hand, regardless of how heavy the baby is. I’m so happy with this choice.

For my 6 month old baby Janelle, I decided to go with a little more supportive stroller. This will be the stroller that she will be using to the very end. It came at a good price and received VERY GOOD reviews from hundreds of sources. Plus it has the patented one hand fold, which is a plus when you have two kids. It is made by Baby Jogger, but the stroller itself is not for jogging purposes, so don’t be deceived. You should see the videos on its website. It will have you sold! It comes in nice colors and extremely comfortable for the baby and the parents.

I can’t wait to get them in the mail!

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