Because I Am A Mom…

… I did not have a chance to get on here and greet everyone a well deserved Mother’s Day. So many a days late- HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL YOU MOMMAS OUT THERE. Being a mother (and now of two kids), it definitely makes me realize how important this day is. Sometimes you don’t value the importance of something until it touches you in some way. Yes! You all know, or at least have an inkling, that parenthood is a hard job, but it isn’t until you are a parent that you truly come to realize it. It truly makes me wonder how people could have more than one or two kids. Back in the days, they had ten. Shoot me now. Granted, today’s society is so much different from back in the days. They didn’t require fancy cars or vacations. In fact, we don’t require that now, but it seems that society MAKES us work for things we may not actually really need in life. Nevertheless, having more than two kids these days is tough with a fulltime job. I can’t even imagine parents who work 5 days a week. WOW! Then I feel really lucky when I think of my job schedule. Regardless, I still feel like there just never seems to be enough time to do anything.

Anyway, here is a list that I have been randomly making over the past week. Being a parent  now makes me believe that every experience we go through in life is for this sole purpose- Parenthood! Enjoy this little piece.

Being a mom now makes me laugh at the times when waking up right around noon was considered early. Oh how I took going to the bathroom at the mall all by myself for granted! Who knew that was ever a luxury? No changing station for the baby in the bathroom? What a crappy restaurant. I’m never coming back here! What do you mean they don’t have a ramp? Dex- we have to lift this stroller up the stairs! I’m never coming back here either. Now that I am a mom with two kids, I realize how selfish I have been all of my life. Everything was always about me and what I wanted. At the mall, if we ever wanted to go to another level, we always have to walk to the other side for the elevator. They only have those suckers at the very end of everything. Yup! I took going up the stairs for granted too! I didn’t know what peace and quiet was until I was a mom. If you were late for everything before becoming a mom, then you may as well start getting ready the day before an engagement or appointment. Who knew that one ever needs a calendar? Before I was a mom, I didn’t really have use for a calendar. I just needed to know when I worked before I was a mom. Now I would be lost without one. Before I was a mom, I always got annoyed when my mom would say stuff like: When you were a baby… or when you were younger… AND now I am constantly doing that and Jasmyne is not even three yet! Now that I am a parent, I could not stress anymore how time really flies. I cannot even fathom how my parents survived having four kids and coming from the Philippines starting out with absolutely nothing. Being a mom definitely makes you value life more. i can’t remember how it feels to go to the airport without lugging a hundred things around felt. I truly did not know what bonding was before I became a mom. Because of my kids, I learned that life is (or should be) really simple. Kids get so over joyed from the simplest of things. We should learn to do that too! You have not sacrificed anything until you have had a child. You can’t really assess how well you were raised or how good a job your parents did with you until you become a parent. I now love cameras and taking lots of pictures. i am never without a camera at hand. My bi-weekly mani/pedi sessions were truly a luxury. In all the years I’ve wanted a straightening perm, in never happened until I had two kids. Then it just became MANDATORY! EVERYTHING is done in fast forward now. We find ourselves eating so fast and running around like lunatics before stepping out of the house. It’s funny because Dex and I actually take that deep breath once we are settled in the truck and laugh to each other about what just happened. A nice long shower where I can relax in the warm water and take my time is rare nowadays. You can never have too many sandwich bags! Target is more addicting after you become a mom. Who knew my kids’ shoes would be more expensive that my own (or at least darn close to it)? By becoming a mom, cleaning is a daily task. Otherwise there would be toys sprawled out at all times of the day! Who ever knew there were so many damn cartoons and shows out there? Who comes up with these things? After becoming a mom, I am more confident in myself, because I know I CAN. Believe it or not, becoming a mom has made me appreciate myself more. I am more confident and happy with myself inside and out now that I am a mom. Now that I am a mom, I’ve realized that everything happens for a reason. Now that I am a mom, I have learned to do the laundry. I’ve learned that you can never have too much time to spend with your kids. TOO MUCH is never too much. They grow so quickly. Now that I am a mom- I am more complete and I truly know what it means to love unconditionally!

Belated Happy Mother’s Day to all my mommy readers!

One thought on “Because I Am A Mom…

  1. This made me a little teary eyed! I can relate! Oh and I agree… when I go to restaurants without a baby changing station, I have no respect for that restaurant and don’t want to go back there because of such a hassle and inconvenience! LOL. I agree too… that life should be really simple and we should really be happy with the simple things. I always say, mothers are real-life superheroes! Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

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