New Lens

For Momma Day, the husband got me a beautiful piece of jewelry- a ring to be exact. He took lots of time to think it up and wanted me to really like it. I LOVED IT when I opened it. If you would have seen it, I’m sure you would have loved it too. However, this little brain of mine had other thoughts. Over the past year, I have been wanting to get a new camera lens. Over the last six months, I have been doing tons and tons of research on what is the best “all around” lens out there. I hate changing lenses and really wanted to find THE ONE LENS I would ever need at all times whether zooming in or zooming out. Background blurring was also a big deal for me. I don’t really know how to operate my camera at the moment, so I am ever so thankful for it’s AUTO MODE capabilities. I just turn it on and voila- it’ll do what it thinks is best. Although I will HAVE TO learn to use it soon. It would be nice to do some other tricks with it as well, especially after receiving the lens in the mail. I went with the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L with this Canon Flash and I love it. Of course, knowing me and my personality, I was having doubts due to it’s size after receiving it in the mail today. I did not realize how big it really is. Most of the feedback did mention size, but all of them said they got used to it and wouldn’t trade it due to the quality of their pictures. We’ll have to see and take it for some test shots. I can’t wait until we go to the Dells next week so I can try it out. Anyway, I think I am all shopped out for now. I gotta take a rest and save up a little something something for other something somethings. We’re planning a vacation in August for our anniversary.

Oh geez. We really should start saving up for my kids’ college fund. Soon enough. Soon enough.

One thought on “New Lens

  1. with the kids or without the kids.. doesn’t matter to me…i have alot of spare time now that school is over just studying for nclex.

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