Taste of Chicago ’09

I know that Chicago has probably been wishing for more stable weather. It has been hot and cool- on and off! It’s kinda strange to say that this week was the start of The Taste. In almost all the years I can remember, many days before the Taste of Chicago week were dreadfully hot. I am glad, however, to say that today was cool and cloudy. The sun played peek-a-boo and it was perfect weather for going to The Taste with my two kiddies at hand. We had so much food and had a blast. It actually was not bad- and surprisingly, it was a pretty easy trip. The whole family had a good time. I love family days with my silly family.

THE WEDDING of Ron and Char was last weekend… and it was beautiful. It was a little stressful for me since my almost three year old baby was the flower girl. It is sometimes hard to think of her as a baby because she is so vocal and active. Moments before, during and after the ceremony definitely was proof that she is going through her terrible two’s. All I have to say is that I am so glad it is over. There was so much black mailing going on- and most of it was coming from her mouth. can you believe that? I am NEVER again going to agree to let Janelle be a flower girl (if ever given the oppurtunity) unless she is at least four years old. I am sparing myself of that ever happening again!

Too bad we have work tomorrow- but thank goodness we are off for the weekend. We’ll see what we have in store for one of my favorite holidays. I have had so much I wanted to post on here, but can now not remember. Janelle has been making me a busy bee lately because she is sooooo ready to NEVER be stuck in one place. Gone are the days when she would sleep endless hours. Gone are the days when we could leave her in her high chair for long periods of time. She is done with that. She wants to get up on her booty and learn to walk that walk. She’s such a chunkie little monkey. So until then…

Have a safe and Happy July 4th everyone!

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