Jasmyne Turns Three

It has been a BUSY summer. As you can most likely tell, I have not been able to update too much. In about half an hour, my Jasmyne-girl is turning three. I almost cannot believe it. We were going to go out of town and do our own thing, but at the last minute decided to have a “small” barbecue for her. No special invitations mailed out as I normally like to do. She requested for a Spongebob theme- and I am still a bit confused by it. I didn’t know she even knew who Spongebob was. Anyway, we FINALLY bought her a kitchen set as a gift. We picked a nice one too since it’ll be way worth it having two girls around. We also bought her a couple other things- including LOTS and LOTS of Caillou stuff that you can only find online. If there is one person she loves more than us in the whole wide world, it would have to be Caillou.

She is also now peepee trained. It was a long road to get there, but we finally got there. It took lots of bribing and lots of dollar toys from Target. There were also plenty of non-dollar toys when we first started this whole process. Now we have to work on making her poop in the potty, which she thinks is so “disgusting”.Yes! That was the word she used.

Janelle has also kept us pretty busy. She loves to crawl and stand now. It will only be a matter of time before she starts walking too. We’ve also been sleep training her. I got a book that a couple of people recommended. It was such an informative book. If I could only have all mothers read it so that they understand the process of sleep in babies and toddlers. She literally sleeps twelve hours straight. She has times when she cries, but she is able to soothe herself back to sleep now. Gone are the nights when we are being awakened during our deep sleep. We have more free time during and after dinner. We also now get to put Jasmyne to sleep earlier than usual. Best of all, Janelle is a well rested baby. It was so well worth it.

Anyway, with all this potty and sleep training… and kids birthday parties… and just always wanting to be out and enjoying the beautiful weather- I am officially exhausted for the summer. I have two weeks to rest up in preparation for our family vacation to Orlando. I can’t wait!

Have a happy weekend everyone and Happy Birthday to my Jasmyne Pooper!

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