… and the baby sleeps!

There has been so many things on my mind lately. All have been “blog-worthy” and I even stop and think to myself that I just have to blog about it. Now that I actually have the chance to FINALLY get to my blog, my mind is failing me and I can’t remember all the goodies. The one thing that does stick is the fact that our little baby girl has been sleeping through the night. When I first mentioned it on here, it was pretty much in the beginning stages. It was always different with Jasmyne because she sleeps (and still does) with us. Having her sleep through the night was not a problem. She was always comforted by us in our bed when she was a baby.

Going through the notions with Janelle was a different story. We wanted it to be different and we wanted her to be on her own from the beginning. It was one of those things that Dex and I knew we would stick with from the day I found out I was pregnant with her. It was a very rough patch. Her frequent wakings and tantrums. There were many days when I found that I had not slept in ages. Those were the days when I had to stay in her bedroom, on the bed, on standby for when she would wake. I found myself sleepless and on the internet because she would wake on the hour. GONE ARE THOSE DAYS!

A co-worker of mine suggested I read the book after hearing some of my stories. Now, at the two baby showers I’ve been to in the last two months, this book was always part of the goody bag. It just made so much sense, and Janelle is a much happier and friendlier baby. She is getting the sleep she needs. If you really think of it, what baby wants to be awake and crying all the time? So if you’re expecting or already have a baby, you have to get “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child“. It really does work wonders. It goes from birth all the way up to kindergartners. I hope it’s never too late with Jasmyne. She doesn’t really have good sleeping habits due to my own faults. Dex and I are late sleepers, and since she stays with us in our bedroom, she kind of picked up the habit. There is no such thing as telling her to go to her room and sleep- YET! We are hoping to start it soon. Hopefully the books promise will stick with her too. For now, we love the time we have between 8pm-7am. We can watch a movie and even give Jasmyne some one on one time. We love the SLEEP we get. As you can tell, there has been no more time for me to write blog updates in the middle of the night.

Even in the midst of our vacation in Orlando, it worked. She slept in her own bedroom and even though we were putting her to sleep later, she was still sleeping though the night! It took me only a week to see noticeable changes! Now it’s been about two months! Thank god for books like these!

Next Up: Orlando Vacation. It will be Password Prtoected, so ask me for the password if you are a curios little bee and feel you are worthy of the password!

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