October Already

I still can’t believe that October is already here. I NEVER know where time is going, but everyday is bringing me faster into tomorrow. October means fall and coldness, which I hate. I do love the changing colors of the leaves, but that is about it.  October is the birthday month of the hubby. October is also Janelle’s birthday month- which means, she is turning ONE this year. Yes ladies and gents. The party planning has been in the works and almost done. I’ve done the invites and booked the place. We knew we didn’t want it at our place this year. I wanted it at a children’s place and Dexter wanted it at a restaurant. The hubby won and the date is set.

I was watching some old videos of Jasmyne the other day. It dawned on me that we rarely take videos of the girls. I have NONE of Janelle and very few moments of Jasmyne. Those few moments we did capture of her brought back some tears. Those are memories frozen in time through that video. There were so many of those memories that we did not capture- and how I wish that we did. So starting now, I have vowed that as important as pictures are, so are videos. Those are the times that I cannot get back. Janelle is not walking yet, however, if you left her for an itty bitty minute, you will see that she made her way to the second floor of the house or that she is sitting on top of the couch. She is not talking, but she is babbling a whole lot. She can also “sing” a song copying your tone of voice. I gotta get all these cute little things she does on video.Jasmyne already started preschool and she loves every moment of it. I secretly enjoy taking her to school and picking her up. The whole process is so emotional for me, even after so many weeks. She is going to miss her first field trip next week due to our scheduled mini-cation, but it’s okay. There will be plenty more to come.

Janelle’s  first birthday is a milestone for not only her, but for us as parents. It has been a tiring year, not so much because of Janelle, but because of the fact that she is the second child. I thought having one was tough- but obviously the second one made life even tougher. I feel like Dex and I battled a war and we are so very close to coming out of it alive! Many people think that just because my parents are around we got it good. I ADMIT, we have it very good in a way that we have a second set of hands most of the time. We can go to work without worrying about the babysitter. My mom is great and I appreciate it all, but people don’t know that when we are not at work, we are home with the kids. We have rarely left them with my parents to go out and party or go to the movies or go on a date. We know that is our responsibility and we’ve owned up to it. If we are not at work, we are with the kiddies. Dex and I were talking about growing old together a couple of days ago. How 5 years from now, I will be 35 (I let the cat out) and that is still pretty young. The girls will be 8 and 6. WOW! It’s amazing that we will still be young and the girls are already that old. We not only get to enjoy our youth together, but also enjoy our kids as they get older. Then I feel at ease that we made the right choice of having them when we did. We had a chance to enjoy each other before having kids and we’ll still enjoy each other after having them too. There is always a rainbow at the end of a rain- and I believe that all the more now.

Currently reading: 90 Minutes in Heaven

Looking forward to: Wisconsin Dells and Mall of America Trip

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