Peace and Quiet

I don’t get this very often, so it deserved a title of it’s own. It’s called PEACE AND QUIET! I don’t quite remember the last time this happened. Dexter is at work. Jasmyne is at school. Janelle is sleeping. My parents are in the Philippines. My brother moved out. Wow! I’m alone in the house with no TV or other people talking. I cleaned the first floor, well most of it anyway. I was staring at the wall for like a minute soaking in all the quiet. I kid you not. I literally was staring at the wall like a crazy woman. I think the last time this happened was just before I had Jasmyne, when Dex and I were still living in our town home. Crazy, huh? Well I’ve got another hour of it before it ends. Then I have to pick up Jasmyne from school and run some errands. As usual, errands usually means going to Target and entertaining the kids at the library or other places.

We just returned from our little vacation over the weekend. We wanted to trek out somewhere before we had to work opposite schedules due to the fact that my parents will be gone. I didn’t expect it to be as cold as it was, but we had a great time. The resort we stayed at in Wisconsin had everything indoors. I love The Dells for their downtown area, but it’s okay. We’ll just have to revisit over the summer. I love The Wilderness Resort. We also drove to Minnesota to the Mall of America. I must say, I enjoyed it more this time around. Jasmyne definitely enjoyed it more too. Maybe because I was pregnant when we went there over a year ago. Now we’re back to reality.

I must say that I miss my parents a whole bunch. With my mom as an extra hand and my dad doing the cooking. Them being gone in these little bits of time every now and then, however, I think rejuvenates me. It gives me that space that I need and it DEFINITELY makes me more independent. At the same token, it also helps me to appreciate their presence more. Sometimes, you can take things for granted when it’s always around you. I have to wake up early and make breakfast for the kiddos. I have to do the laundry. I spic and spanned the house. I have to do this and that without relying on my mom to have to hold the baby so I can do one thing or another. We usually take turns doing something when my mom is here. Without my mom, obviously I found ways to do it on my own. I’ve been alone with the kids before, but it’s not usually starting from the morning. Normally my mom will be here in the morning and leave in the afternoon or something like that.  Nothing beats them being here though, but like I said, the itty bitty breaks do wonders for me. The one thing I can’t do is cook, so when Dex comes home, we’ll be eating the adobo he cooked two days ago. The one we’ve been eating since two days ago. HAHAHAHA!

This weather kills me. I can’t believe that it’s this cold already. It’s not even November yet. Hopefully it”ll still warm up a bit in time for when we go to the pumpkin patch. I can’t wait. I think both of my girls will enjoy it this time around.

Things I’m looking forward to this month: Janelle turns ONE and her first birthday party after Halloween. Jasmyne’s Halloween party at school with her classmates. The pumpkin patch. Our work Halloween get together with the kiddies. Everything Halloween. I think Halloween is making it’s way up to my list of favorite “holidays” of the year!

Anyway- stay warm and have a safe one!

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