Addicted to…

I always seem to say this often, but that’s how it works I guess. I will finish the sentence: Before I had kids… I was big on reading books.

There- I said it! I’m slowly getting back into the love of reading. I used to read before bed time or while I would lounge around in the couch watching TV. As some of you may well know, after having kids (especially two), most of that time is gone. You can’t always lay on the couch to watch TV AND read a book. Now I never said never, but it is very rare because you would rather do something else with that time- like SLEEP or chores. Since I’ve started reading that Sleep book I’ve been talking about, I have had more sleep and caught up on it most of the time. More recently, since my parents left for the PI, we have decided to use Method #2 of that book. It’s a method used by many parents, but one that Dex and I were hesitant to try. It’s the “Let your baby cry it out until she can’t cry anymore so she can go to sleep all by herself” method. Okay. Okay. Okay. I may have made it sound worse than it actually is. If you actually read the book and all the logic behind it- it’s not too bad. They are actually not crying themselves to sleep. I was just kidding. They are just learning to understand that mommy/daddy will not come back no matter how much they cry. Through that, they just learn to put themselves to sleep.  Method One worked for us, but it was just too time consuming. Sometimes it would take an hour and a half for us to put Janelle to sleep. Granted she would sleep through the night, but still, we spent so much time putting her to nap and sleep at nite. So this “meaner” method worked. We lay her on her crib and VOILA, she goes to sleep without a fight. A week ago, she cried for up to 40 minutes. Slowly, but surely, that time has decreased. Now she may cry a max of five minutes, but she basically gets the point now. Her crib means sleep time! Now if only we could use that trick for Jasmyne. Darn my luck.

Anyway, this new found freedom during nap and bedtime has given me more time to myself. The nite time is usually also my one on one time with Jasmyne, so this afternoon break is great. I’ve been addicted to going to the library since discovering its goodness over the summer. I’ve checked out more books than I can handle. I’ve bought books from Barnes that I think I wouldn’t mind reading again and again. Oh reading- how much I missed you. Okay. I’ll stop myself from being too nerdy for the public press now.

Here’s a list of my current reads:

90 Minutes in Heaven

The Time Travelers Wife

Act Like a Lady. Think Like a Man- by Steve Harvey

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

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