I Just Wanna Pic!

Having a three year old and a one year old makes taking a family picture really hard. I can take hundreds of solo pictures of them and know that a handful of them will turn out good. I can also take hundreds of candids and come out with so many perfect pictures. However, having them stay still and smile and pose is just asking for trouble. I learned my lesson after several attempts of trying to get a FAMILY picture at a professional studio. It’s practically hopeless since their mood is so unpredictable and pictures are done by apointment- not walk in when you’re probably sure your kids are ready to smile for the camera. Besides, these “photographers” have no patience to try and wait for that perfect shot. It’s so annoying when we are all dressed and ready and then are unable to get pictures done at the studio.

So my solution was to have my brother take it at home with my somewhat professional camera. Our own time and someone I know behind the camera. Due to a misunderstanding, it didn’t happen. Since we were already dressed and ready, my mom had to take over the job. So she was both the voice trying to get my kids to look at the camera and the camera person. HAHAHAHA! She was trying to juggle my hundred pound camera while trying to get the kids to look at the damn thing. They just wanted to run around and be themselves- be kids! So we let it be. So we are still left where we started- no family pic! I wish Jasmyne would allow herself to be photographed with all of us.  She’ll take pictures with Janelle- just the two of them, but not the two of them with US! One day she’ll learn- and I can’t wait for that day!

Here is the best one we can get of a family picture:


Just Lovely. LoL!

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