I was always the type to be creative and I love arts and crafts. Even back in grade school, I remember looking forward to doing my science fair project just so I could “decorate” my poster board. Who knew that science and decorating went together, huh? I know, I know. What a nerdy thought! It is also said that people who are artistic and creative always crave change- for obvious reasons. That proves to be true with me. So in recent months, I have been craving for a much needed change around the house. I actually wanted a couple of rooms repainted to more vibrant colors, however, that was DENIED by the husband. I tried many times to convince him of this need for change, but he kept declining. So I had to settle for less drastic and subtle changes, which have been in effect over the recent weeks. I guess I can be satisfied for now. I put up some new paintings and pictures on the wall. I can say I am satisfied, even for just a little while. With all the picture frames needing pictures and lots of pictures needing to be printed, I realized just how much my kids have grown. Jasmyne turned three in July, and I have yet to create an album for her. I take loads and loads of pictures and download them to my computer- and then the red light is on. That’s where it stops. My goal for next year is to organize my organized mess and make an updated album of both of my beautiful kids. As much as I’d like to get my creative juices flowing to create beautiful albums, I don’t think it’ll happen. It is just too time consuming and I will actually settle for much less. I’d just be happy to get it done.

I am so glad I have been snappy happy all these years, because I sure have lots of beautiful pictures that will help me to keep the moments alive. If there was ever one great investment I ever made, it would have to be my camera and my lens that go with it. Oh and my 2000 Honda Civic that still drives me to and from work after all these years! Man that car has been probably the only thing that has stuck to me (by choice) for ten years now! Wow. I think it’s time for a change soon!

In other news, did I ever say how much I hate taxes. Well if I haven’t already- I HATE EFFIN TAXES! Okay. There. I feel better now. Good Day!

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