The First Already!

It’s the first day of December- the last month of the year! It’s so sunny outside, but it’s probably colder than it looks. I wanted to start off this post with a picture of my kids from the month of November. They are growing right before my very eyes. Janelle has a very unique personality. She has NO patience whatsoever and gets frustrated very easily. She also gets easily amuzed. Jasmyne, on the other hand, is quite patient with her sister who tends to beat her up. Thankfully, she doesn’t fight back. She’ll just start crying and move to another spot away from her abusive little sister. They are so cute- and not only because they are my kids!

The christmas tree went up over the weekend. The house is pretty much decorated. This morning I woke up around 530am to take a shower anticipating Janelle’s wake up time. I wanted to have the energy to do stuff for the day. I made a list of all the people I have to buy gifts for- and yes, I checked it twice just like Santa. I organized the kids’ gifts, put them in their boxes and now it’s ready for wrapping. I pretty much have all the kids crossed off my list. I still have a crapload of things to buy though.

Now off to take Jasmyne to school and do some more shopping! Enjoy your day everyone! 24 more days until Christmas. Oh and 23 more days until the end of my 20’s and I welcome another decade. Blah!

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