Holiday Shopping

I’ve definitely started my shopping early this year. I feel the Christmas spirit in the air when I’m out there shopping. It seems as though there are more shoppers this time around as compared to last year. I think this means the economy is slowly getting better. Anyway, I finished off all the girls in my list and most of the kids this morning. I bought all the gifts online. Thank goodness for free shipping codes. I also bought myself an early Christmas birthday gift last week- my new Blackberry Bold. I love it. At first I thought I would hate it because the battery kept running out, but I figured out what I was doing wrong. Now it’s working and I LOVE IT! I gotta love it for the next two years now because I had to renew my contract! Now I just have to get my Keurig Coffee Maker– and I will be set and happy!

It is so cold out that I don’t feel like going outside. Hopefully I can make use of my day off and start cleaning our bedroom and the girls’ rooms too. There is always so much to be done and not enough time in one day. At least we’ve caught up on our laundry last week. On that note, I’m off to clean our nasty bathroom. Be warm everyone!

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