Love my TOYS!

So I finally got my Keurig Coffee Maker and I must say it is one of the best things ever created- for ME! I only like to drink flavored coffee and for the most part- ICED!. Nobody else in the house drinks flavored coffee. Nobody else likes to drink iced coffee either. My parents drink Decaf, so making coffee in the morning was pretty chaotic. Okay. Okay. It wasn’t that chaotic. It was just not that satisfying for me. Therefore, I rarely had a cup of coffee at home. I usually waited until we stepped out of the house and bought it somewhere. So enter my new Keurig obsession and we have solved everything. Everyone is happy with their coffee needs everyday and WE HAVE NOT bought a cup of coffee from anywhere since our purchase. It has pretty much paid for itself overnight. I ordered a whole bunch of different flavors for myself. Extra Bold for the hubby. Decaf for my parents. Tea for everyone. The best part is that everything is single serving. No coffee in the pot wasted. Everyone makes a cup of their liking. I have a different flavor every single day. I even have it twice a day sometimes. I can also have my lemon tea before I go to bed. It has also saved Dex and I money and time. We had to stop by McD’s or Dunkin D’s every morning to get our coffees before going to work. Now, we brew and go to work. Oh the simple pleasures in life that I do so love.

Another thing I have grown to love is my new MAC, and I am not talking about make-up. Although my eyes feel beaten up by the big 27 inch beauty that I am staring at, it is one of the best things ever created. I love it! I have a lot of pictures, and I must say that I may just have to say goodbye to my FLiCKR account. My new Mac functions just like it, if not better. I still have a lot of learning to do, but so far so good. I was a bit hesitant to get one before, but after countless visits to the Apple store, I was convinced that I had to get that “cool looking” thing not knowing anything about it. I have Jasmyne to thank for it for always wanting to go to that darn Apple store at Woodfield. Now,  I find myself excited to go home to get to know my Macky better each day. I am excited to go home to have a cup of lemon tea. HAHAHA. Okay. I think this means I need to stop blogging about my loser life. Have a good night everyone! I leave you a picture of my new baby and some of the goodies.

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