Where Did the Month Go?

I can’t believe that’s it is already February. I felt like I was wishing you guys a happy new year just yesterday. Anyhow, I think this will be a busy month for me. I got myself another job as a registry nurse closer to my home. For all of you who are not in the health field, I basically schedule myself to work whenever I want. It’s kind of necessary since I only work three days a week and I spend money like it grows on trees. Honestly, my hubby and I need o be more financially responsible, but we are not. OUR motto is that you only live once. You never know when the end will come, so you gotta just enjoy life and your money. Saving is not even in our vocab. Irresponsible, I know! So starting this Friday marks the first day of my 16 day in a row work flow. What the? I have never ever in my life worked that many days in a row. At least it will all be paid, right? My interview and acceptance of my new job was all so random and not planned for. My assistant manager was kind enough to let me have the two weeks off. Since I felt guilty, I offered to work the weekends when he took me off the schedule for those two weeks. I can already see my crankiness level at its highest on Day 16. At least my orientation times are only 8-430PM, so I am not expecting it to be too bad! I guess I’m just really trying to look at the bright side.

Life otherwise has been pretty good. The girls are growing up right before my very eyes. Sometimes I tear up just when I think of it. Janelle is still my little baby, but she is so big and doing more and more things independently. Jasmyne has pretty much been independent since she started walking. LoL! She honestly was feeding herself before she turned one. Her language skills were always above and beyond those her same age. So I am honestly enjoying “babying” Janelle. I feel like I didn’t get to do that with Jasmyne. We almost have a routine of playing Wii all times of the day in our bedroom. Yes! We have to take turns with each other and Jasmyne as well. The only thing I really play is the “shooting” game on Wii Play. For some reason, I am addicted to trying to beat the highest score. It’s so crazy! I wish I didn’t start it again. I’m not even trying to look at our guitar for Hero! Well I’m gonna try to enjoy my next two days off- kinda like the calm before the storm. The song above calms me. I spent moost of the day downloading songs into my beloved iMAC. This song definitely brings it way back.

I think this month, I will be busy trying to pack a box or two to send to the Philippines for our trip. I need to have so many things for the girls while I am there. I HATE to pack for the worst because it doesn’t seem like a vacation, but that is what I am going to have to do. On my short list: Diapers Galore, Clorox Wipes, all types of medicine, IV fluids, all sorts of ointments, Cereals, Geber Sausage Links, all sorts of snacks and food, Mosquito Drugs and oh so much more. My list is so bad that I have to pre-send the boxes over to prevent us having to bring it all on top of everything else. I am more anxious than excited about this trip. If it were totally up to me, I would not go, but we must. Oh well. I gotta stop procrastinating and get to it this time around.

I also hate when things go wrong at the wrong times. It’s like when you’re late for work and you catch all the red lights and all the slow traffic is right ahead of you. I started printing some much needed stuff and my printer decides to act up! It says that there is no more ink when I just got it filled last month. I knew that guy did not know what he was doing! The hubby better fix that issue by tonight! Oh my poor hubby always getting the better half of me! Gotta love him! Goodnight everyone!

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