Happy (Early) Easter!


Gosh it feels so good to have some good weather. It felt like winter and the cold weather was just dragging to end. Finally! As long as I have lived in this four seasoned state, I have always longed for the moment when the warm weather comes near. I guess that’s what happens when you can only have this weather for a short period of time. You are always longing for it- and now here it is. This welcoming weather is just perfect for one of my new favorite “holidays” of the year. Easter bunnies and baskets for my babies are in store! We booked our Easter Brunch yesterday. We have decided to go to the same one we went to last year since it was a big hit with my tummy. This morning, after I dropped Jasmyne off to school, I started their Easter Basket and I can’t wait for them to rummage through it. Tomorrow we will also be painting eggs for the first time. Jasmyne has been so excited to get it going this whole week. She’s literally been bugging me to paint them eggs! My co-workers were making fun of me for not knowing what the Easter Bunny was supposed to do. They work just like Santa (apparently) and deliver the easter baskets to those who have colored the eggs and delivered the eggs for them or something crazy like that. You always learn something new is all I can say about that. So I guess this year, we’ll paint the eggs and leave them for the bunny, and when she wakes up on Easter, the bunny will have left her her Easter basket. WTF? Can’t the parents’ take credit for giving their kids the goodies?

I guess for Christmas, I should start telling her about Santa. Then the tooth fairy every time she looses a tooth. I suck at these things. I didn’t have this when I was young! I just want to tell them it’s from Mommy and Daddy! Enjoy this beautiful weather and Happy Easter week to everyone!

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