Hello World!

We have returned. It has been quite a hectic start to the summer. We were gone for a month to the Philippines. It was a very mixed emotion type of thing. It was fun but so hard at the same time. There were many days when I just wanted to cut the vacation short and head back, but we both managed to make it through. Now I am finally recovered and everything is back to normal. Janelle has grown so much in the recent months. She is talking so much more and is more toddler-like. Both the girls now sleep with us and it’s kind of like a blessing in disguise. We all sleep late at the same time, but they also wake up later. No more early morning wake up calls from the little one. Unpacking and organizing everything will be a bitch though. I haven’t even started doing that yet.

My computer  (the older one) fried its own hard drive while we were away. I admit, I have not been giving it much attention since I got my iMac. It won’t turn back on and it says files cannot be read. Dex called the company and they made him open everything up. The diagnosis: hard drive overload which lead to a massive stroke and loss of information. We never backed anything up, so I was devastated to lose 90% of Jasmyne’s baby pictures which I did not get to download into my Flickr account. Now I am making all their albums from Flickr, because there is no way to transfer from Flickr back to my computer. So in essence, I still have all of Janelle’s pictures, but from my Flickr account. Jasmyne’s first year is mostly lost because it was so chaotic during her first year that I didn’t get to move her files. We were moved twice and was living in our apartment at the time. That’s what I get for procrastinating. Now I’m rushing and spending lots of money making them their baby books before something worse happens and I lose it all for good! Oh well. Life goes on right?

Well next mini holiday is Father’s day. My husband will definitely deserve this day and so much more. I know you think your husband or father was the best, but I tell you now, MINE IS! . The Fourth of July is coming. I’m excited because it has become one of my favorites- especially our yearly Taste of Chicago excursions. Then there’s my brother’s wedding and then our FIVE YEAR anniversary. Planning where and what we’re doing this year is in the works. It’s a special number and definitely deserves some sort of celebration, so we’ll see.

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