I Want. I Want.

Check it out up above. The JaeDaily section. I sometimes don’t have too much to say and get lazy to write an actual entry. That new link up there allows me to post what I need to post at the moment and call it a day without taking up too much space on my dot com and without filling up my journal print out with too much garbage at the end of the year. I am pretty much starting to decrease my Facebook time and so that will soon replace my Facebook for those who actually will care. Word Press has also come out with a new thing of video blog posting. I don’t think I will ever start doing that, but I just want to do a test post to see if it actually works. Couple things I’m starting to do this month. I finally signed up for a photography class. I’m so very excited. NO! I’m not doing it to become a professional photographer or anything. I am doing it just so I can finally learn what my camera wants me to learn. I’ve got the camera and my lens that cost over $1200- but still using my AUTO function on my camera. How sad is that? I know it can do so much more than I know it can. I really do love to capture my kid’s by the minute and you will find me with a camera 90% of the time. It’s something I really enjoy doing. So with that said, I went out and bought myself another “standard” lens to take along to my class. The lens I use is NICE, but it can sometimes feel over bearing and huge! People don’t respond to it well and it attracts way too much attention when I’m lugging it around my shoulder when we are out and about. My standard lens still cost me some money, but the husband approved and I can’t wait to begin my classes mid-July. I’ve already started to take some shots with it and it feels weightless compared to my other lens. I decided to take the class because as I tried to read the photography stuff on what this and that meants, I was beginning to get really dizzy. After an hour of trying to read amongst my kids’ voices, I gave up completely and decided on taking the class. Besides it will be my quiet time to myself. I can drown myself in what I really love at the moment for that time frame. I can’t wait.

Jasmine also starts her swim classes next week as well and we are all very excited. She’s absolutely ready for them. I know she’ll do great. I never learned how to swim and is deathly afraid of the water. I wanted to expose my kids to water ever since they were born and it’s worked. They love it. I forbid the hubby to make them afraid of the water or try to throw them in when they weren’t ready. He was not allowed to scare them in the water, as it is much thought in our culture. NO! Throwing them in when they are not ready will not make them learn to swim. Letting them cry in the water when they are scared will not make them less scared if you just let them keep crying. It will just make them more scared.  Anyway, we’re excited for that to begin.

We need a new computer for downstairs as well. Since our old one broke (taking along lots of memories with it), Dex and I had the idea to put my MacBaby downstairs. After much thinking, I decided that I really loved my “personal” relationship with my Macky and the answer was NO WAY! I love how I open my computer and the only thing in it’s memory is nothing else but mine. We would need to buy one for everyone else’s use for downstairs. I’m too selfish to share my goods. Thank goodness it doesn’t take much to have my hubby agree with me. I also want the Aperture program for my MacBaby, but I’m still working on the husband to approve it. I want a bike. I want a new car. I want an IPAD. I want to go on another vacation. I want a new camcorder. I want. I want. I want.

I wanna be a billionaire so freakin bad…

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