Happy Fourth

Well belated Happy Fourth anyway. The hubby decided to come into work yesterday since I was going to be working for 8 hours at my registry job. I got cancelled and he still had to go to work. Thank goodness it was only for 8 hours. We had brunch at my cousins place since we are literally neighbors now. When we got home, we took our time and relaxed a bit before getting ready and waiting for Daddy to come home. Just like last year, we ended up going to the carnival by the house. Lesson learned. Next year we’re going late so that we have some energy for the fireworks. By the time 7pm hit, we were pooped from all the sun we got. It literally took all our energy away. So we were home safe and sound by 8pm and watched the fireworks (or what we could see of it) from our backyard. The girls had so much fun at the carnival. I went over board on the food. I had a bowl of ice cream and probably finished a funnel cake all on my own. They both had their first pony ride and Janelle rode on her very first ride all by herself. She was screaming for joy through the whole ride. It was pretty cute. My girls are so precious and apparently, the world thinks so too. They are a hit wherever they go. Until next year… we had a blast this Fourth of July holiday. I just wish the hubby was off today to complete it! Oh well. Time for me to have the girls nap so I can clean our bedroom.

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