Downtown Day

So the other day, the kids we re really excited about going downtown because they were going to finally ride the train that they always see on the express way when we’re driving through. Jasmyne has been wanting to ride it for the longest time. Of course, as a mom, I had all these thoughts whirling around in my head. I had been putting it off because just the thought of talking them to the train was making me all anxious. When we finally decided that it was the right time- who would have thought that it was the worst time ever? We parked at the Cumberland stop and headed on up to the platform. It was probably one of the hottest days we’ve had in the city, or at least it felt like it. We didn’t know that it was because we didn’t bother to check what the weather would be like. As soon as we got to the platform, we heard this announcement (or something close to it): Attention CTA riders. There is an emergency in the Washington stop. Every other train is being re-routed back towards O’Hare airport. Washington stop is being bypassed until further notice. So Dex and I looked at each other and we decided we would get off the stop before Washington and call it a day. In all our luck, the stop that we were going to be getting off on is closed, but we thought it would be just fine. The ride wasn’t too horrible. The kids were antsy and excited to look out the window. Nobody stood up to give us seats, but we managed with two kids on foot and a stroller taking up space. When we got off Clark and Lake, it was CHAOS! I can’t even begin to tell you how annoyed I was. I was actually ready to head back home at that point. If you know me, you know patience is not on my list of things to describe my personality. There were lots of people confused and not knowing where to go. There were people with guitars playing adding on to the confusion.  Apparently, the every other train thing was a bigger mess than we thought. Everyone on the “every other train being rerouted back” got off on Clark and Lake. They were waiting for the next train that was going to get to pass. WTF! Imagine trying to pass our stroller all the way to the other side where that one lonesome elevator was located. By the time we reached State Street, the kids were crabby and hungry and HOT! We didn’t even make it to Millenium Park or any other destination we planned to go to. It was a horrible mess.

Then the next day, I come to find that Transformers is filming right on the Clark and Lake stop and that is why there was a massive amount of people EVERYWHERE! You know me and my pictures. You know it’s bad when the kids are on the train for the first time and there was no picture to come out of it. Never again!

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