It Begins!

Two days from today, my brother will be married! People have slowly been trickling in and we’ll probably spend the bulk of our day today coming to and from the airport picking up all of our out of town guests. My girls are happy bees because there are so many kids in the house to keep them busy. I am secretly happy too. We’re having a mini reunion/barbecue at the house today to kick things off. Tomorrow will be the rehearsal and dinner. I’ve got lots of little beauty errands to do in the morning, including another mani-pedi day with my daughter. That is always fun and exciting. I hope the Lollapalooza and Market Days traffic do not hinder all the festivities going on though. I’ve prayed all week for beautiful weather, and I think we will get it. Saturday will be a busy day because Jasmyne will be the flower girl, so I have to keep myself on a tight schedule. I’m hoping she will walk down the aisle. I’m pretty confident that she will because we’ve been having our little talks so I can build her up to it. I don’t think anyone understands how stressful it can be to have a little child as part of a wedding. I want to keep the bride and groom happy and not disappoint them. So far, I’m one for two and hoping for perfection this Saturday.

Janelle is knocked out right now. They really need the sleep. They’ve been going to bed well past 130am the past two nights. It’s so hard to keep them on a bedtime schedule because they both sleep with us and there is no way in hell that I am going to bed before 10pm. That is just nearly impossible. What I do love about it is that we all woke up at 11am today. Yippppeeee! I got my sleep on and that’s all that really matters. Anyway, I’m so looking forward to my brothers wedding weekend. It’s been two and a half years of wedding planning. I know that it will be a beautiful wedding and that the bride will look just as beautiful and perfect. They both deserve it after all their hard work.  I can’t wait! Until then, enjoy your weekend. Be safe!

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