Life and Death

The month of August has been a mixture of many emotions for me and those around me. It was a very busy month filled with so many things that I had been looking forward to all summer. It started off with the celebration of uniting two lives together with the wedding of my brother. It was an event to remember with so many special memories of those we love- FAMILY and FRIENDS. Then it was off to celebrate the 7th birthday of my nephew Rolen, whose birth and survival was truly a blessing from God. Every year, we try to make it a point to celebrate his birthday no matter what the circumstance. I remember being a week old mother to Jasmyne and coming to his party confused and barely knowing what to do. This year, Dexter and I did some magic to be able to come since it was our weekend to work. Then came the celebration of my 5th Wedding anniversary with the husband, which deserves its own post on here. It came with little planning, but we had tons of fun. Next on the list for the third weekend was the homecoming party for my brother and his new wife. Everyone was excited to hear from them and talk about their wedding and honeymoon. A time to once again share stories and laugh about all the things that happened.

All of that was cut short by the news of the tragic death of my aunt, who was very dear and close to my heart. Nothing could have prepared me or anyone of us for the news. It was one of the most heart breaking things I think I have ever had to deal with because we were so close to her. The sudden and unexpected loss turned our world upside down. Our family came together in prayer and to share our memories with her. My last memory of her was at that birthday party we just had to attend and thankfully did. We went with on the lazy river three times and all I could remember was how happy and satisfied she was with her life. She was free and she was smiling and she was truly happy with how everything had fallen into place. Her death reminded me that life is truly precious and waking up is a blessing. I say reminded because I already know this, but tend to not live up to it. Every second is a gift. All the material we hold here on Earth, we cannot take with us. What we do take with us are the memories and feelings of how we treated and cared for one another. This is all the stuff we already know, but can sometimes forget with the hectic schedules we have in our life. Did you get to say goodbye in the midst of the morning rush? Did you say I love you before you hung up the phone? Did you make your child feel special? Did you spend enough time with them or were you busy working so much to buy that special something? Part of  the mourning process is also coming to terms with the regret of what you could have changed, but you realize that you can no longer change it. The second that has passed, you can’t get back. So live every second of your life like it were the last. At the moment we remember it, but will we live up to it after a week? After a month or even a year? Sometimes, it takes these events to make us realize an important lesson, but do we really stand up to it on a daily basis? I admit that I don’t, but I will definitely try my hardest.

My family and I can still feel her soul roaming this Earth. I now REALLY believe in life after death because her presence is so intense. If I doubted it before, I believe it whole heartedly now. Many of the stories seem almost unbelievable, but they are really real. Could her sudden death have put her in the same position as we are in? Did she wish she could have said some things that she never got to say? All I know is that she will truly be missed by everyone whose life she touched. I pray for her every night that she may find her way up to where she belongs. I ask that you all do the same. Please pray for the soul of Maudy Santana- that she may rest in eternal peace. We love you Tita Mauds!

One thought on “Life and Death

  1. Janice, well said.

    The following characterized Tita Maudy: her life and death:

    “Don’t ever save anything for a special occasion. Being alive is the special occasion.”

    “Life is too short not to make the best and the most of everything that comes your way everyday.”

    She will be dearly missed!

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