My Depression…

Today marks the  beginning of my seasonal depression. It was so gloomy and cold out. To top it all off, it started raining right when I got outside to take Jasmyne to school. It’s pretty sunny out now, but it’s signaling to me that it has begun. Summer is close to ending and the nights are coming faster. It’s already pretty dark when we are on our way home from work. No more sunlight left. I hate it. So like the doctor literally prescribed to me last year, I’m going to have to start tanning and taking my Vitamin D pills. I’ve been more sleepy lately for no reason and I don’t want to go out. I’ve been feeling like just staying home and being a bum. I guess with all the hectic-ness lately, I kind of deserve it. We’ve also been sleeping pretty early lately. That is so unlike my family. We usually don’t sleep until midnight. I guess that’s a healthier change for my kids.

In other news- my two girls started school. It’s not really school for Janelle, but she goes for an hour a week to socialize and learn how to clean up at our park district. She is not very fond of other kids and needs to learn how to socialize. That is why I put her in that class. Jasmyne is back to her two days a week preschool. She goes for about 2.5 hours per day. She is slowly starting to love it. I found it very odd that she had a hard time going to school this year. She had been looking forward to it all summer. She did fine last year. I could barely get her out of class. Last year, I almost cried on her first day of school because she just left me without even saying goodbye. This year, I think she expected to have the same teacher and her same friends. The change of everything and the environment kinda killed her mood, I guess. Things are slowly going back to normal. Next year she’s gonna be a kindergardener. It’s so weird thinking about it. She’ll really be in school and taking the big yellow bus. So we’ve started teaching her how to properly write her name and ABC’s. Oh the joys of having “homework” in preschool.

Jasmyne just finished her bubble bath. The other monster is napping with grandma. I’m about to take my nap before we go out and get some food to fill our fridge. This week, we’ve spent so much money updating the girls’ closet. Things get old and they outgrow everything so fast. This is where “kids cost money” really is true. Enjoy this gloomy day everyone. One more day until my weekend off. I love nursing. Three days a week and I still have a weekend off!

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