It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Today marks the beginning of the holiday season. It has always been a tough time for me to feel the spirit of the holidays. I always felt down and out when I heard holiday songs and I never quite understood it. I always knew I had some type of seasonal depression that was not diagnosed. Last year, a doctor suggested to me that I utilize tanning beds at least once a week and take vitamin D daily. I did just that and it worked wonders. I hung all the XMAS cards I received last year. I was in the mood to throw a holiday party at the house. I came up with party games. I decorated our house inside and out and even bought candy canes to line our yard. I wrapped all our gifts and decorated them and put them under the tree. It was great and something I needed to do , especially since I have two kids now. This year, that has been multiplied by 100. I finally came  out and talked to my kids about Santa. Jasmyne wrote him a letter and we put it in the mail. She’s getting a gift from “Santa” this year and she is so excited. Dex and I are also gonna start a new tradition. We bought a new 9ft Christmas Tree which we will traditionally decorate and light up on the day after Thanksgiving every year starting tomorrow. The kids and I are super excited. I’m almost more excited for this than going shopping on Black Friday. I’ve also picked out our gift wrap and ribbons and buying more decor in the morning. We’ll probably be outdoors more often to let the kids play with the snow and go sledding. They got their winter boots ready for the occasion. I’m so ready for this winter season thanks to tanning beds and Vitamin D. BRING IT ON!

Anyway, what a perfect start to the Holiday Season. Thanksgiving Day is a day to remember what we all should be thankful for on a daily basis. I’m just thankful to have woken up today- happy and healthy! I’m also thankful that my family is healthy as well. Like the saying goes: Health is Wealth. May you all have a Happy Thanksgiving celebrating with all that you love. May your tummies be filled and your hearts full of love.

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